November 27, 2010

Around The World: Mt.Kailash-Himalayas

Regarded as the spiritual centre of the universe, Mt. Kailash (Himalayas), is revered by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpos alike. For Hindus it is on top of this wondrous peak that Lord Shiva resides in an eternal state of meditation, creating the sustaining force that holds the universe together. Tibetans have aptly named this mighty rock as 'The Precious Jewel of The Snow'. It is here that the great Tibetan mystic, saint, and poet Milerapa wrote a hundred thousand poems on Buddhism. For Jains, Mt. Kailash is the site where their first prophet achieved enlightenment. For the ancient religion of Bon, it is where their founder descended from the heavens. 

Himalayas Satellite View 


Himalayas Photo


Buddhist Child

Mt.Kailash 2

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  1. Great images, interesting facts about Mt. Kailash that I never knew.