December 31, 2011

A small New Year's gift for you: Full Moon & New Moon Phases for 2012

Moon Phases, January 2012
First Quarter – January 1, 06:15
Full Moon – January 9, 07:30
Last Quarter – January 16, 09:08
New Moon – January 23, 07:39
First Quarter – January 31, 04:10

Moon Phases, February 2012
Full Moon – February 7, 21:54
Last Quarter – February 14, 17:04
New Moon – February 21, 22:35

Moon Phases, March 2012
First Quarter – March 1, 01:21
Full Moon – March 8, 09:39
Last Quarter – March 15, 01:25
New Moon – March 22, 14:37
First Quarter – March 30, 19:41

Moon Phases, April 2012
Full Moon – April 6, 19:19
Last Quarter – April 13, 10:50
New Moon – April 21, 07:18
First Quarter – April 29, 09:57

Moon Phases, May 2012
Full Moon – May 6, 03:35
Last Quarter – May 12, 21:47
New Moon – May 20, 23:47
First Quarter – May 28, 20:16

Moon Phases, June 2012
Full Moon – June 4, 11:12
Last Quarter – June 11, 10:41
New Moon – June 19, 15:02
First Quarter – June 27, 03:30

Moon Phases, July 2012
Full Moon – July 3, 18:52
Last Quarter – July 11, 01:48
New Moon – July 19, 04:24
First Quarter – July 26, 08:56

Moon Phases, August 2012
Full Moon – August 2, 03:27
Last Quarter – August 9, 18:55
New Moon – August 17, 15:54
First Quarter – August 24, 13:54
Full Moon – August 31, 13:58 (bluemoon)

Moon Phases, September 2012
Last Quarter – September 8, 13:15
New Moon – September 16, 02:11
First Quarter – September 22, 19:41
Full Moon – September 30, 03:19

Moon Phases, October 2012
Last Quarter – October 8, 07:33
New Moon – October 15, 12:02
First Quarter – October 22, 03:32
Full Moon – October 29, 19:49

Moon Phases, November 2012
Last Quarter – November 7, 00:36
New Moon – November 13, 22:08
First Quarter – November 20, 14:31
Full Moon – November 28, 14:46

Moon Phases, December 2012
Last Quarter – December 6, 15:31
New Moon – December 13, 08:42
First Quarter – December 20, 05:19
                                                         Full Moon – December 28, 10:21

The Moon and Mysticism

We have come to modern times where, day or night, light is glaring in our eyes. Even if there is a full moon, I think most people who live in urban areas today do not even notice it. How can you miss a full moon? It is big enough and bright enough!

Every phase of the moon, you can look up in the sky and notice it. Or if you bring a certain level of awareness and perception to your system, if you just observe your body, you will see for every phase, the body behaves slightly differently. It is very much there both in the male and the female body, but in the female body it is more manifest. As you know, the fundamental reproductive process in a woman is very much connected to the moon’s cycles. The timing with which the moon goes around the planet and the cycles that human beings themselves go through within themselves and the very process of human birth – the process of creating this body – are very deeply connected.

The moon has a large influence on our daily life, which is why in the eastern cultures, particularly in India, we drew two kinds of calendars. For mundane affairs, we have a solar calendar. For all the other subjective aspects of our life, which is not information or a technique but a live thing, we have a lunar calendar. It has always been such that any aspect which is beyond the logical has always been connected to the moon.

As one shifts from the calculations of the logical mind to intuitive ways of looking at life, the moon becomes more important. Generally the influence of the moon is considered illogical. In the West, anything illogical got labeled as madness or insanity. In the English language, the moon is referred to as lunar. If you take a step further, you come to lunatic. But in the eastern culture, we always saw the limitations of logic. There is a logical element to you which helps you to handle the material aspect of your life. But there is a dimension beyond logic, without which the subjective dimensions can never be accessed.

Human perception is a reflection. If you see anything other than the reflection, that means you are not seeing the truth. Any perception is actually a reflection. The moon is also a reflection; you can see the moon because it reflects the sun’s light. So the deeper perceptions of life have always been symbolized with the moon. Moonlight and mysticism have been very heavily connected everywhere in the world. To symbolize this connection, Shiva wore a piece of the moon on his head; his ornament is moon.

The yogic sciences and yogic path were also structured like this. The initial few steps are 100% logical. But as you climb higher, it moves away from logic and goes into areas which are totally illogical. Logic has to be thrown away because that is the way life and creation is structured. So moon becomes very important.

This is the only way any science can happen. If you look at modern science which is still in its infant stage actually, the same thing is happening. They were 100% logical to start with; after they took a few steps, now they are becoming slowly illogical. The physicists are almost talking like mystics. They are beginning to talk the same language because this is the only way it can go, because that is the way the creation is. If you explore the creation, that is how it will be.

Source: "The Moon and Mysticism"  by Sadhguru


December 30, 2011

10 Reasons To Be A Vegetarian


Number of people worldwide who will die as a result of malnutrition this year: 20 million.
Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced
their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million.
Percentage of corn grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 80.
Percentage of oats grown in the U.S. eaten by livestock: 95.
How frequently a child dies as a result of malnutrition: every 2.3 seconds.
Pounds of potatoes that can be grown on an acre: 40,000.
Pounds of beef produced on an acre: 250.
Percentage of U.S. farmland devoted to beef production: 56.
Pounds of grain and soybeans needed to produce a pound of beef: 16.


Primary cause of greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels Fossil fuels needed to produce meat-centered diet vs. a meat-free diet: 3 times more . Percentage of U.S. topsoil lost to date: 75. Percentage of U.S. topsoil loss directly related to livestock raising: 85.
Number of acres of U.S. forest cleared for cropland to produce meat-centered diet: 260 million. Area of tropical rainforest consumed in every quarter-pound of rainforest beef: 55 sq. feet. Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing and other uses: 1,000 per year.


Increased risk of breast cancer for women who eat meat daily compared to less than
once a week: 3.8 times. For women who eat eggs daily compared to once a week: 2.8 times. Increased risk of fatal ovarian cancer for women who eat eggs 3 or more times a week vs. less than once a week: 3 times. Increased risk of fatal prostate cancer for men who consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk daily vs. sparingly or not at all: 3.6 times.


Most common cause of death in the U.S.: heart attack.
How frequently a heart attack kills in the U.S.: every 45 seconds.
Average U.S. man's risk of death from heart attack: 50 percent.
Risk of average U.S. man who eats no meat, dairy or eggs: 4 percent.
Amount you reduce risk if you eliminate meat, dairy and eggs from your diet: 90 percent
Average cholesterol level of people eating meat-centered-diet: 210 mg/dl.
Chance of dying from heart disease if you are male and your blood cholesterol level is
210 mg/dl: greater than 50 percent.

Natural Resources

User of more than half of all water used for all purposes in the U.S.: livestock production.
Gallons of water needed to produce a pound of wheat: 25.
Gallons of water needed to produce a pound of California beef: 5,000.
Years the world's known oil reserves would last if every human ate a meat-centered diet:13.
Years they would last if human beings no longer ate meat: 260.
Calories of fossil fuel expended to get 1 calory of protein from beef: 78.
To get 1 calory of protein from soybeans: 2.


Ingredients: Any one of our instant noodles, fresh vegetables (if you don't have fresh
veggies handy, then our Just Corn and Just Veggies are just as good), Roasted Seaweed (optional), Wei-I Best Grade Laver Ro Su (bacon bits) (optional) and any of our frozen gourmet.

Percentage of U.S. antibiotics fed to livestock: 55.
Percentage of staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin in 1960: 13.
Percentage resistant in 1988: 91.
Response of European Economic Community to routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock: ban.
Response of U.S. meat and pharmaceutical industries to routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock: full and complete support.


Fewer than 1 out of every 250,000 slaughtered animals is tested for toxic chemical
Percentage of U.S. mother's milk containing significant levels of DDT: 99.
Percentage of U.S. vegetarian mother's milk containing significant levels of DDT: 8.
Contamination of breast milk, due to chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in animal
products, found in meat-eating mothers vs. non-meat eating mothers: 35 times higher.


Number of animals killed for meat per hour in the U.S.: 660,000.
Occupation with the highest turnover rate in U.S.: slaughterhouse worker.
Occupation with the highest rate of on-the-job-injury in U.S.: slaughterhouse worker.

Spiritual Consciousness

Food is the source of the body's chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and experiential pattern. If we want to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then we should consider not eating meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs.

Karmic Consequences

Major religions around the world such as Buddhism or Hinduism teach that all of our actions including our choice of food have karmic consequences. By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other creatures, one must in the future experience in equal measure the suffering caused.

December 29, 2011

Video: Ancient India and World

An interesting piece from one of my friend's Facebook post. In this video, teams of experts are discovering ancient underwater cities in different parts of the world. Local elders in these parts are providing fascinating eye witness stories, that have been passing on from generation to generation.

More and more evidence of beings visiting the earth are popping out from allover. Some people see it as a  danger, but majority of the evidence shows that they are coming not to harm us, and not only that, they actually have intentions of helping us. As the video shows, all there is left are ruins, old paintings, and stories.

I am not much of a UFO theory fan, I always thought it's just a people's imagination, but now after seeing several documents revealing many breaking facts, I starting to see things differently.

December 16, 2011

Kundalini – Plug into the Source of Creation

Still is Chill | Dec 15, 2011 | by Sadhguru

What is Kundalini?

Sadhguru: Let me take you from your own experience of life because the stories about it are many. In your house, there is a plug-point in the wall. The plug-point in the wall does not produce any power. Somewhere else there is a huge power station which is producing the power, but it cannot give you power directly. It is the plug-point which gives you the power. Most people have not even thought about the power station, isn’t it? They have no conception of what that is, but they know that if they plug an appliance into the plug-point, the appliance will run.


So Kundalini is the plug-point not the power station. It is not a 3-pin point, it is a 5-pin point. You might have heard of the seven chakras. The muladhara is like a plug-point. That is why it is known as muladhara; it means “fundamental” or “basic.” Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug. What is the seventh chakra? It is like a light bulb; if you plug it in, then everything about you glows. If you are properly plugged in, keeping the lights on twenty-four hours of the day is not an issue anymore. Now you don’t have to turn off your power because your battery might run out. You can just keep it on blatantly, recklessly, because you are plugged into the power source.

Even right now you still have energy. You can hear what I am saying, that means life energies are functioning of course, but in a very miniscule way; just a small part of it is functioning. If the whole of it becomes available to you, if it is properly plugged in, there is no limit to what you can do out of it. Even with the plug-point at home, once you are plugged in, you can make the light happen, you can get the air conditioning going, you can have the heater, you can have the television – anything you want. Just one power point. Any number of things, endless number of things you can do, but you are not plugged in.

Rising Kundalini 

You are trying to generate your own power. So you eat five times a day, but still you are tired most of the time. It is a struggle to keep life going. Energy is not just in terms of physical energy or activity, energy is in terms of life; existence is energy, isn’t it? The basis of existence is energy. Knowing that is like knowing the foundations of life. If you understand the ways of the energy, you know the whole mechanics of creation. So if you are plugged in, you don’t know how power is generated but you know what the power is, what it can do and what you can make out of it; you are plugged into an endless source of power – that is Kundalini.

Now to plug in an appliance, if your hands are shaky, you will scratch the whole wall but you will not get it in. In the same way, to put the 5-point plug into the plug-point is difficult for a lot of people because there is no steadiness in their body, their mind, their emotions or their energies. All this yoga is just to get the necessary steadiness so that you can just plug it there; if you put it there, boundless energy. You don’t have to go and learn about and understand the power station. You plug it in; everything is fine.

The Caduceus also known as logo used by medicine  also contains  two  snakes. The  history behind  this symbolism goes back to ancient Greece.

Yoga is just the science of getting the plug properly in so that there is an uninterrupted source of power. Once you are connected to this uninterrupted source of power, naturally you will proceed in the way life should. Naturally you will proceed towards the goal of what life is longing for. You will not get lost with your fancy ideas, dreams, thoughts, emotions or entanglements of the world.

Source: Isha Blog


December 13, 2011

SiC: New Solar-Powered Classroom Brings Science to Schools in Developing Countries

 Still is Chill, Dec. 13, 2011, 7:50am

An innovative project led by a chemistry academic at the University of Southampton is using solar generators to provide IT resources and 'hands-on' science for students in developing countries.

A major difficulty in teaching science subjects in developing countries, especially in rural schools, is that students are rarely able to get 'hands-on' experience of experiments. This could be partly due to a lack of equipment, chemicals and facilities but mainly because of a lack of electricity and running water.
Now, Professor Tony Rest, a visiting Chemistry academic at the University of Southampton, and Keith Wilkinson, formerly a teacher at the International School at Lusaka in Zambia, have devised a solar-powered solution based on a digital projector and low-cost solar energy panels so that students can gain access to IT and other modern teaching methods.
Professor Rest says: "The lack of electricity is a particularly serious matter for rural schools and this situation is unlikely to get better in the near to medium future. With drawbacks to petrol generators, due to difficulties in getting supplies and safety hazards, solar energy generators have become available at cost-effective prices and provide a sustainable answer as rural schools have an abundance of the basic energy source required to power them -- sunshine.
Most data/video projectors require 200-300 watt and cannot be economically sustained by solar power in rural villages. However, the advent of mini-projectors, which require about 50 watts of power, has revolutionised the situation and made battery powered projection feasible.
The solar energy generators, which consist of solar panels, batteries and inverters, can be linked to the projector for students to get practical classes via multimedia resources to show laboratory experiments and stress practical techniques.
Professor Rest adds: "These experiences can be extended to other science subjects from physics, biology and maths, to subjects involving practical elements, such as engineering, and to craft subjects, including plumbing, carpentry, and catering, where students need see how to acquire skills. By extending the breadth of subjects benefiting from the use of IT, the overall cost of using a solar energy generator is reduced. Another spin-off is that students in rural schools gain access to valuable IT skills."
The project has been developed by the 'Chemistry Aid' project, the Chemistry Video Consortium based at the University of Southampton, with support from the Royal Society of Chemistry, which has provided multimedia teaching resources

December 8, 2011

92 Year-Old Yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch: I'm Still a Beginner

This is very inspiring! The lady yoga teacher is 92!! and full of life. I fell in love with her right away. "I'm a yoga beginner, I'm still learning," says 92-year-old yogini, Tao Porchon-Lynch. Watch and get inspired as Tao talks about how "we can recycle our body" and re-energize ourselves regardless of our age.

92 years old yogini

Peacock received the loudest applause of the afternoon. The challenging arm balance gives even the most advance asana junkie pause, but given that it was being performed so effortlessly by 92-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch added to the heartfelt reply. Having just healed a broken wrist and recently completed (and won) a 16-hour marathon ballroom dance competition, there was little the fireball seemed incapable of. I made an affirmation to myself to both never complain again when asked to do a particular posture, and to demand the same of my own students.

Tao has been practicing yoga for over seven decades and teaching for two score and five years. While nothing new was covered in the Iyengar-style workshop (she studied with the man in India forty years ago) held at Strala Yoga, you really didn’t attend for groundbreaking postural referencing. Given the fact that Tao moves as gracefully as she does at 92 was reason enough to sign up. No one left feeling differently.
Having attended two David Williams workshops at Pure Yoga the weekend prior, it was like watching history still in process. Williams was the first non-Indian to study with Pattabhi Jois, bringing Ashtanga Yoga back to America. Both instructors discussed the importance of a dedicated, continual practice; both mentioned that experience alone will grant you the knowledge of remaining youthful as you age. Tao herself kept referring to the fact that she’s still constantly being educated by yoga, and that in her mind she’s no different than the child that grew up during the Depression yet obviously never clung to a depressed state of mind.

92 years old yogini
Most importantly, it was refreshing witnessing an elder so in command of her body and mind. At a time when mandated healthcare is being vehemently derided, when politicians are lobbying to cut, end or privatize Medicare and Social Security, when the process of aging is seen as a disgraceful burden on our national debt, Tao’s simple message of self-empowerment -- that you can do anything you want -- provided a warm sense of comfort. Talk is one thing, however; seeing her smoothly float into a Half Moon pose or wrap up her arms into Eagle provided validity to her words.

It is true that we all have our own karma to deal with, and we arrive at similar places via different routes. Perhaps Tao’s genes predisposed her to long health. Regardless, her Peacock will remain with me. I’m constantly warned by students about their limitations, the injuries or mental afflictions that don’t allow them to practice fully. While I’d never advocate pushing past our personal capabilities, we have to play the edge of our abilities or we never grow. Feeling victimized by life is a certain harbinger of death. Remaining resilient to self-doubt and open to the possibilities of what we are capable of is the surest sign of life.


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December 6, 2011

Celebrity&Yoga: Adam Levine: Yoga Sculpts My Body & Is Investment in Happiness for the Rest of My Life

Adam Levine-Naked Yogi 

It seems like there is more and more celebrities in the world are discovering the positive impact of yoga on our body and mind. Do you know any celebrity that have recently picked up yoga or has been practicing for some time? 32-year-old Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, has previously said that yoga had "revolutionized" his life. But now in a new interview with Detailsmagazine, Adam talks more about his practice and how he got started on the mat.
Adam says he was 'aware of the yoga scene but initially kept his distance, turned off by what he calls "the cheesy clich├ęs."' But then after experiencing lower-back pain and tight hips, Adam decided to give yoga a try.

It's been five years since he began practicing, and he hasn't lifted a weight since! Adam on why he ditched the gym and took up yoga: "Weights made my neck thick, and I would be like, 'I'm turning into a monster! Yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel."

If you don't think yoga has physical benefits, Adam disagrees: "I don't like how people bullshit about how yoga is not about vanity."

He also sees the spiritual benefits of his daily yoga practice:
"Playing a show before thousands of people is a highly unnatural state.. and when I get on the mat to do an hour of yoga before the show, I come out physically relaxed. For me, that's a form of meditation." Adam calls his yoga practice "an investment in happiness for the rest of my life." Namaste to that! Go dudes yoga!

Here's a video of Adam talking more about yoga and even practicing:

Some material in this article was used from:

December 3, 2011

One Drop of Spirituality

Hello and welcome back after quite a break!
In this video, Sadhguru briefly addresses the importance of having at least one drop of spirituality in everyone's life. Isha Kriya is just the right tool to deliver this "one drop of spirituality" for everyone who is willing.

November 18, 2011

Is the Human Species in Evolution's Fast Lane?

"We are more different genetically from people living 5,000 years ago than they were different from Neanderthals."

John Hawks -University of Wisconsin anthropologist

In a fascinating discovery that counters a common theory that human evolution has slowed to a crawl or even stopped in modern humans, a new study examining data from an international genomics project describes the past 40,000 years as a time of supercharged evolutionary change, driven by exponential population growth and cultural shifts.
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The findings may lead to a very broad rethinking of human evolution, especially in the view that modern culture has essentially relaxed the need for physical genetic changes in humans to improve survival.

A team led by University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropologist John Hawks estimates that positive selection just in the past 5,000 years alone -dating back to the Stone Age - has occurred at a rate roughly 100 times higher than any other period of human evolution. Many of the new genetic adjustments are occurring around changes in the human diet brought on by the advent of agriculture, and resistance to epidemic diseases that became major killers after the growth of human civilizations.

"In evolutionary terms, cultures that grow slowly are at a disadvantage, but the massive growth of human populations has led to far more genetic mutations," says Hawks. "And every mutation that is advantageous to people has a chance of being selected and driven toward fixation. What we are catching is an exceptional time."

While the correlation between population size and natural selection is nothing new - it was a core premise of Charles Darwin, Hawks says - the ability to bring quantifiable evidence to the table is a new and exciting outgrowth of the Human Genome Project.

In the hunt for recent genetic variation in the genome map the project has cataloged the individual differences in DNA called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The project has mapped roughly 4 million of the estimated 10 million SNPs in the human genome. Hawks' research focuses on a phenomenon called linkage disequilibrium (LD). These are places on the genome where genetic variations are occurring more often than can be accounted for by chance, usually because these changes are affording some kind of selection advantage.

The researchers identify recent genetic change by finding long blocks of DNA base pairs that are connected. Because human DNA is constantly being reshuffled through recombination, a long, uninterrupted segment of LD is usually evidence of positive selection. Linkage disequilibrium decays quickly as recombination occurs across many generations, so finding these uninterrupted segments is strong evidence of recent adaptation, Hawks says.

Employing this test, the researchers found evidence of recent selection on approximately 1,800 genes, or 7 percent of all human genes.

This finding runs counter to conventional wisdom in many ways, Hawks says. For example, there's a strong record of skeletal changes that clearly show people became physically smaller, and their brains and teeth are also smaller. This is generally seen as a sign of relaxed selection - that size and strength are no longer key to survival.

But other pathways for evolution have opened, Hawks says, and genetic changes are now being driven by major changes in human culture. One good example is lactase, the gene that helps people digest milk. This gene normally declines and stops activity about the time one becomes a teenager, Hawks says. But northern Europeans developed a variation of the gene that allowed them to drink milk their whole lives - a relatively new adaptation that is directly tied to the advance of domestic farming and use of milk as an agricultural product.

The biggest new pathway for selection relates to disease resistance, Hawks says. As people starting living in much larger groups and settling in one place roughly 10,000 years ago, epidemic diseases such as malaria, smallpox and cholera began to dramatically shift mortality patterns in people. Malaria is one of the clearest examples, Hawks says, given that there are now more than two dozen identified genetic adaptations that relate to malaria resistance, including an entirely new blood type known as the Duffy blood type.

Another recently discovered gene, CCR5, originated about 4,000 years ago and now exists in about 10 percent of the European population. It was discovered recently because it makes people resistant to HIV/AIDS. But its original value might have come from obstructing the pathway for smallpox.

"There are many things under selection that are making it harder for pathogens to kill us," Hawks says.

Population growth is making all of this change occur much faster, Hawks says, giving a tribute to Charles Darwin. When Darwin wrote in "Origin of the Species" about challenges in animal breeding, he always emphasized that herd size "is of the highest importance for success" because large populations have more genetic variation, Hawks says.

The parallel to humans is obvious: The human population has grown from a few million people 10,000 years ago to about 200 million people at A.D. 0, to 600 million people in the year 1700, to more than 6.5 billion today. Prior to these times, the population was so small for so long that positive selection occurred at a glacial pace, Hawks says.

"What's really amazing about humans," Hawks continued, "that is not true with most other species, is that for a long time we were just a little ape species in one corner of Africa, and weren't genetically sampling anything like the potential we have now."

The recent changes are especially striking.

"Five thousand years is such a small sliver of time - it's 100 to 200 generations ago. That's how long it's been since some of these genes originated, and today they are in 30 or 40 percent of people because they've had such an advantage. It's like 'invasion of the body snatchers.'"

The Wisconsin study is published in the Dec. 10 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


November 15, 2011

NASA Planet Earth Time Lapse Video – check this out!

The crew of Expedition 29 on board the International Space Station has captured new footage of our planet, providing a view most of us could only dream of. These shots, recently released by NASA, were taken between August and October this year. The video is a time lapse of photography showing 18 different sequences of photos. Viewers can get a clear look at the reds and greens from Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, as well as lights glaring from the world’s cities. Check it out!


Shooting locations in order of appearance:

1. Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night
2. Aurora Borealis and eastern United States at Night
3. Aurora Australis from Madagascar to southwest of Australia
4. Aurora Australis south of Australia
5. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at Night
6. Aurora Australis from the Southern to the Northern Pacific Ocean
7. Halfway around the World
8. Night Pass over Central Africa and the Middle East
9. Evening Pass over the Sahara Desert and the Middle East
10. Pass over Canada and Central United States at Night
11. Pass over Southern California to Hudson Bay
12. Islands in the Philippine Sea at Night
13. Pass over Eastern Asia to Philippine Sea and Guam
14. Views of the Mideast at Night
15. Night Pass over Mediterranean Sea
16. Aurora Borealis and the United States at Night
17. Aurora Australis over Indian Ocean
18. Eastern Europe to Southeastern Asia at Night

Music: Jan Jelinek | Do Dekor, faitiche back2001
w+p by Jan Jelinek, published by Betke Edition

November 11, 2011

Saturday Video: The Praying Mantis at III Documentary

Wild life at the Isha Institute in TN. The wide spectrum of fauna and flora that's present here at the Cumberland Plateau always amazes me. This is just one small example of what's here. Enjoy!


November 10, 2011

Oak Park schools try to 'cool down' students with yoga

Hello and welcome to this week's post about kids yoga. Yoga is a sure way of calming kids down, and many parents and teachers are slowly beginning to recognize this . We hear more and more about school programs that are being applied across the country to improve student's results.
At the Isha Yoga Institute is also offering yearly Summer Yoga Camp for Kids, which is becoming more popular each time. [Read about teenager and his Isha Yoga Experience]

November 3, 2011

A day with the Master

Sathsang with Sadhguru, USA

Welcome back to Still is Chill. Since Sadhguru came to III, I didn't have much time to blog. I did little bit, but definitely not enough for such a wonderful audience that you are! The time offline was wonderfull, so many people came over to be with Sadhguru, especially for the weekend of "In The Presence of The Master". It was a truly pleasurable experience to serve all of the guest, and volunteers.
Sathsang with Sadhguru, USA
As people were leaving after the weekend, the Ashram became quieter and quieter. The following Wednesday was Diwali, Sadhguru came and spent about an hour with us at night. It was a brief Sathsang.
Next week, on Monday, we were told that Sadhguru will come to join us for lunch. We started with the preparations early on Tuesday morning. He showed up around 9:30am, stepping out of the car wearing a tall black witch's hat as it was the day after Halloween. Everybody was laughing, you should have seen the scene! After we finished eating lunch, we all went and sat for Sathsang. It was a perfect fall day: clear sky, warm sun and Sounds of Isha in the background.
During the Sathsang, Sadhguru spoke about many different things. Some of them also mentioned in his latest blog spot.
Sathsang with Sadhguru, USA

"If there is something that you want to do in your life, invariably that will demand that you do so many things that you don’t want to do. See now, all I want to do is fly, but I have to do a lot of math. So what I avoided all my life, now I have to sit down and do it because I want to do what I want to do. This is so with everything."

After the sathsang we all went for a walk. The whole group went to see the Theerth Site which is almost ready for the construction. If you who haven't seen it, it's a 12 acres ellipsoid clearing in the middle of the forest logged by previous owners. It's really exiting! We still don't know what will happen there, but for sure it's all in our hands; all the Isha US meditators will play huge role in this. After discussing different possibilities with the construction committees, we started heading back. By the time Sadhguru comes in the spring of 2012, we should know what is going to stand there.

November 1, 2011

ISHA HERBAL natural products launched by Sadhguru

"These are not necessarily for the sick, these are for those who want to be alive. These are not even supplements; they should have been part of your diet. You’re eating out of a marketplace, not out of nature. Because of that, these things need to be added, and I think it will be a very important addition, particularly to the western part of the world. Genuine herbs, which can make a difference in one’s aliveness – you don’t need health, you need aliveness. If this system is alive enough, it will create health. So Isha Herbal is one step towards this."

– Sadhguru

October 22, 2011

WATCH LIVE: Darshan with Sadhguru from Isha Institute

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

For Sadhguru's Darshan live stream, click on the image 

October 13, 2011

Stilt-Walker Finds Her "Balance" Through Inner Engineering

Inner Engineering techniques have provided Claire de Luxe with a clarity and calm that allow her to replace stress with effectiveness

Fresh off the newest season of Lifetime’s Project Runway, where she sashayed down the catwalk on stilts wearing an extra-tall couture look by designers from the hit TV show, Claire de Luxe, as she is known on stage, laughs when asked how she learned to stilt-walk. “Everyone always asks me that, and I get it – I’m over 8’ tall. But no one thinks to ask where I acquired the inner grace, poise, and confidence to be a professional performer. People assume it just comes with the territory, but in fact I don’t come from a performance background and never had any formal training.”
De Luxe says both her balance and her verve come from meditation and yoga techniques she learned from yogi and mystic Sadhguru Vasudev. She first encountered the prominent spiritual figure in 2003. “I was getting a facial, like a good New York City girl, at a holistic clinic that happened to be inside a yoga studio. I had no interest in yoga whatsoever, but as I was exiting the clinic, I decided to poke my head in to the main room to see what so many people had gathered for. Sadhguru was there giving a talk, and he had this undeniable presence that said ‘real deal.’ I was intrigued, and as soon as I sat down, his razor-sharp logic – and his sense of humor – drew me in. His perspective and insight were so crystal clear, it sounded like common sense – but somehow I’d never heard it before,” de Luxe says.
The Dartmouth-educated Brooklyn resident decided to pursue the next step by taking ‘Inner Engineering,’ the flagship program designed by Sadhguru, who has given talks at the World Economic Forum, the House of Lords, and the United Nations and was named one of India’s 50 most influential people. De Luxe learned what she describes as “very simple, but very potent” techniques from the program that have provided not only grounding and health benefits, but also, she says, the release from fears that were holding her back both professionally and artistically.
“I actually worked in finance and then book publishing before striking out on my own as a freelance editor,” de Luxe recounts. “It was a tough time, economically, but the practices I was doing allowed me to handle the ups and downs of freelance life without stressing out. I had a growing clarity that allowed me to focus on what I needed to do and move forward instead of getting stuck in anxiety mode.”
In addition, she says, lifelong insecurities were disappearing, giving her the freedom to pursue a new career path. “I never set out to be a circus performer. I just loved firedancing, and as my self-doubt faded away, I began sharing my art with others, and soon was getting hired for professional gigs. One of my first gigs was performing fire fans for the cast of the movie Shortbus,” de Luxe recalls. As her business grew, she began adding more and more fire props to her arsenal, as well as stilts, costumes, and a serious dose of stage presence.
“I had been someone who was actually scared of public speaking,” de Luxe shares. “But meditation helped dissolve a shroud of paralyzing fear that I hadn’t even fully been aware of. As it gradually but steadily melted away, I began to radiate a natural intensity that really connected me to people, both onstage and off. I’m a better performer, but also a better friend and a better businessperson because of it. It’s pretty amazing how much my life has opened up, when I look back on it.”
Sadhguru, the founder of Inner Engineering, will be returning to the United States to personally teach the Shambhavi Mahamudra practice. De Luxe says the 21-minute practice, which involves the breath and does not require any physical agility, is appropriate for everyone 14 years and older and is short enough to be incorporated into even a hectic city lifestyle.
Inner Engineering Online, which consists of seven online classes, is a pre-requisite for the 2-day live Shambhavi course. Inner Engineering: Technologies for Wellbeing with Sadhguru will be offered in Los Angeles, October 15th- 16th, New Jersey, November 5th – 6th, and Toronto, Canada, November 12th – 13th. For more information or to register, visit or call 877.831.2705.

October 6, 2011

SiC made video: Sunset at the Isha Institute

Hello and welcome back to Still is Chill. This week I have made a short video from the IIIS.
As the Mahima construction is going on, different kinds of heavy equipment is roaming. One of them is lift which can extend it's arm up to 70ft high, and I have made use of it shooting the video below.

October 1, 2011

LSD: Viewed by many as a spiritual antidote for atom bomb

Albert Hoffman, the one who discovered the "LSD", speaks in detail in this video about his "problem child". Without doubts, Albert Hoffman was a wonderful man who lived to serve the people, trying to find a solution for the world's worst diseases. His "side product" during his researches on other hand, brought controversy to the world.
LSD, or the experience of the effect of the LSD, is very eye opening. It isn't the best way, and I am not recommending it, but, it has the potential to open up the reality the way it is to people, who would normally live and die without any element of spirituality within them selves. The bottom line: great eye opener but not to be practiced on long therm, remember that to "see beyond" you need to open your eyes only once, beyond that there are different, more health friendly ways, such as yoga and meditation.

September 15, 2011

How do you understand the meaning of the word enlightenment?

Hello and welcome back to the blog! This week I would like to talk about the meaning of the word enlightenment. Apparently for different people it means different thing. What does it mean to you? How do you see it? Many of you have heard of it, so much has been written about it. But what is it truly ?
Widely in eastern tradition  enlightenment or "mukti" or also "nirvana" is known as the primordial goal of life. According to the yogic teachings, it is ultimate liberation which every human being is longing for, knowingly or unknowingly. When I encountered Sadhguru for the first time in Atlanta about 7 years ago, I did not speak much English, but one thing I remember; he asked the audience "How much do you want? how much will settle you for good? How much  tell Me?!" People started shouting numbers, one after another, million, ten million, ten billion it went on building up. Finally some gentleman said: INFINITE!

Isn't that truly what we want ? if only we look deep enough within our self to see it. This is what a spiritual seeker wants, however. He's not willing to settle for just a small portion, he or she wants everything. Infinity is our nature, nothing even spiritual or mystical about it. Modern science is very clear today saying that every atom in our body is in constant transaction with the rest of the existence. Not only that, it says that our very bodies are made out of star dust. Now that's sounds pretty exciting, I'm made out of stars, but it's important to remember what Sadhguru is constantly repeating, there is distance between possibility and reality. That distance is the spiritual process that's offered to us

For me, enlightenment is just a word that I don't pay much attention to. All I know is as I am getting more and more in to the meditation, moments are coming when I clearly see that I know nothing, absolutely nothing about the way the body and every aspect of it is functioning. The very fact that I'm alive doesn't seem to make any sense, yet it is happening, and I don't have to do anything for it to happen, isn't that cool? Now, it isn't quite infinite yet, but it sure feels pretty vast :)

Swami Nisarga says 

Enlightenment is not the first step on the spiritual path. Nor is it the last. Yet, the word captures the imagination of people like neverbefore. There was a time, not very long ago, when spiritual seekers began their quest by asking to see God. Not anymore. Questions like, “Does God exist?,” “Have you seen God?,” “Can you show God to me?” don’t seem to bother people anymore as much as questions about Enlightenment do. “What is Enlightenment?,” “Are you Enlightened?,” “Can you give Enlightenment to me?”- are the questions that a Guru in today’s world is more likely to encounter from the spiritual aspirant.

 A casual Google search on the word “Enlightenment” reflects its popularity: something like 15 million word hits; 5 million images; 23,000 videos; and 30,000 books registered in a matter of seconds.For a moment, you would think it is a pity that Buddha, the one who brought the word into vogue, is not around to see it. But a closer look at the modern usage of the term is not so flattering. Starting from a purely technical description of the lighting of a light bulb, to some New-Agey people selling soaps, shampoos and incense sticks — everybody has staked their claim to the word. It seems as though most people have come to a conclusion that no such thing as Enlightenment exists, and have therefore decided to make the most of it by putting the word to market savvy uses. Surely, this would not impress Gautama the Buddha, for whom the word and the path was his life and breath.

"If you are not aware of this, for over 90% of the people, the moment of Enlightenment and the moment of leaving the body are same. Only those people who know the tricks of the body, who know the mechanics of the body, who understand the nuts and bolts of the body, can hold on to it. Of the people who manage to stay back, a majority of them spend the rest of their lives in silence. Only a very few are stupid enough to try to do something with people around them because it is so hopeless talking about another dimension which is not in people’s experience. These people are trying to be logically sensible, but it is quite a hopeless thing... "


September 8, 2011

Yoga for Marine Corps and Corporatives

Marine Yoga
Several studies suggest that these changes through meditation can make you happier, less stressed -- even nicer to other people. It can help you control your eating habits and even reduce chronic pain, all the while without taking prescription medication. A quiet explosion of new research indicating that meditation can physically change the brain in astonishing ways has started to push into mainstream. Meditation is an intimate and intense exercise that can be done solo or in a group, and one study showed that 20 million Americans say they practice meditation. It has been used to help treat addictions, to clear psoriasis and even to treat men with impotence.The U.S. Marines are testing meditation to see if it makes more focused, effective warriors. 

Weezer Yoga
Corporate executives at Google, General Mills, Target and Aetna Insurance, as well as students in some of the nation's classrooms have used meditation.Various celebrities also are known meditators, including shock jock Howard Stern, actors Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn and Heather Graham, and Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of the band Weezer. In one study, a research team from Massachusetts General Hospital looked at the brain scans of 16 people before and after they participated in an eight-week course in mindfulness meditation. The study, published in the January issue of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, concluded that after completing the course, parts of the participants' brains associated with compassion and self-awareness grew, and parts associated with stress shrank.             


September 4, 2011

Pranav Manem: My experience with Isha Yoga

Dear readers, this week's post is a story of a young yogi from Atlanta. Don't you think it's great to have young people taking interest in yoga? At an early age it's such an advantage! I'm not worried about the future of anyone who kick starts his life with a powerful support of kriya. Enjoy Pranav's story and remember, commenting is highly appreciated!


Isha Yoga Experience
 Pranav Manem
"My name is Pranav Manem and I am a 14 year old who currently attends Milton High School in Georgia. For the latter part of my life I have been pretty involved in Isha Foundation and it has changed me greatly. My first major experience with Isha was going to the Home School in Coimbatore for one semester in 6th grade. The time I was there was the best time of my life. Everything from the martial arts to playing sports everyday was fantastic. During the time there, I also learned the Isha children’s yoga, which benefited me both physically and emotionally. Throughout the Isha Home School experience, I learned numerous skills and was changed into a completely different person.

My other major Isha experience occurred just a few months ago when I took the Shambhavi course with Sadhguru in May. At first I wasn’t really sure what would happen if I took the course, but after it was over I soon saw the benefits involved with the practice. Soon after the course was completed, I saw that I was able to concentrate more, was doing better in school, I was much calmer and peaceful, and I needed a lot less sleep to power through the day. One example that proved that the program was beneficial occurred just two days after the program ended. My family and I had decided to go to the Isha center in McMinnville, Tennessee for Buddha Paurnami because Sadhguru was giving a lecture there. Even though I would have to come back the next day for school, I chose to go anyways. When I was at the center, I felt very full of energy. I was able to stay up till one o’clock in the morning without getting tired. My family left the center at one and arrived home at five. The only sleep I had gotten that night was within those four hours. I expected to be extremely tired at school, but instead I felt even more alert than normal and was able to go through the day without any fatigue at all. In addition to the boost in energy, I did very well on a final exam I had that day. This experience truly changed my view of doing yoga and ever since, I have seen numerous benefits that enhance my daily life. I have come to realize that the Isha experience is one of the most beneficial events that I have ever experienced and will most likely help me for the rest of my life."

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August 26, 2011

Saturday Video: Mohamad Yunus- Creating a World Without Poverty

When we say a businessman, most of us will imagine selfish, computed, ambitious person in charge, concerned only about the profit of his company. It seem like this is the true in many cases.
Don't be fooled! There are also such, for whom all that truly matters is to see hungry people (still over 1 billion) having their food, and life without the concern of  "what will I eat today?". These are the people we need to see in our Governments. I have recently watched moving speech by Dr. Mohamad Yunus, founder of  Grameen Bank,  2006 Nobel Peace Price Winner. and author of  "Creating a World Without Poverty"
At first I thought, ok this is too good to be true. But than, as I was watching, there was something really beautiful about this man. At one point he made me almost cry, that's how touching it was. Mohammad Yunus is also called the "Social Business Model" -deservedly, I hope many will take it up as a inspiration for their own business. Watch and see on your own.

August 25, 2011

Cosmic Whirl...

Milky Way

Apparently the latest photos from the Hubble reveal each of us to be a microscopic organism, dancing on a spec of dust, which is spinning in circles while rotating around a tiny flicker of a little flame, which will eventually burn out and gradually suck our lifeless little planet toward itself...but THEN, as if that's not enough, enter SAGITTARIUS A..

"Sagittarius A* (an enormous super black hole discovered at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy) will likely swallow up all the normal matter surrounding it, including the sun (our sun) and its planets (including our planet). After its humongous meal, this bloated black hole may then float through space until it encounters other giant holes that have already devoured their own former galaxies. And relentless gravity will inevitably cause these phenomenally massive objects to move ever closer to one another and merge in an embrace of self-annihilation."

It is really quite fantastic, isn't it?... that somehow, in this brief moment in cosmic history, that we are here at all!  But modern cosmologists are counting 1,2,3,... on physical PHOTOGRAPHS up to as many as 100 BILLION Earth-like planets in our Galaxy.  100 BILLION...with a number like this--with actual photos--how long can the human race continue to nurse various childish fairy-tale beliefs about the source of life?  

Can anyone with even half of a mind continue to be so myopic as to think we are the center of anything other than our own heads?  100 BILLION inhabitable planets in our  little galaxy alone, which is just a miniscule  among, at minimum, trillions of galaxies spread across a universe that we cannot, as of yet, see any end to...

Sadhguru speaks about this cosmic landscape using the metaphors of ancient yogic sages, who knew these realities through the inner perception attained through meditation...

"The word Shiva literally means that which is not. That which is, is existence; that which is, is creation. That which is not is Shiva. That which is not means, if you open your eyes and look around, if your vision is for small things, you will see lots of creation. If your vision is really looking for big things, you will see that the biggest presence in existence is a vast emptiness. Just a few spots – which we call galaxies – are noticed, not the vast emptiness that holds it. This vastness or unbounded emptiness is Shiva.

When we say Shiva, we are referring to this vast emptiness of existence. It is in the lap of this vast emptiness that all creation has happened. Our ancient prayers are not about saving yourself, protecting yourself, or about doing better in life. The prayers have always been about ‘Oh lord, destroy me, so that I can become like Yourself.’

So when we say Shivratri, which is the darkest night of the month, it is an opportunity for us to dissolve our limitedness, to experience the unboundedness of the source of creation, which is the seed in every human being. Shivaratri is an opportunity to bring yourself to that experience of the vast emptiness within every human being, which is the source of all creation." ~Sadhguru

August 24, 2011


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