May 29, 2011

Science and Spirit Converge in the Now

A growing understanding of our universe reveals two remarkable dynamics at work that together intensify and expand our feeling for the spiritual nature of existence. The first dynamic is the universe story: A grand narrative that portrays humanity as descendants of a vast, creative lineage of life that stretches over nearly 14 billion years. The second dynamic is the universe emerging as a fresh creation at every moment.

While the universe story provides a stunning narrative of the "horizontal" unfolding across time, the insight of an emerging universe adds the "vertical" dimension of the universe continuously arising in time. The vertical dynamic of continuous creation slices through all that exists and reveals everything as a single orchestration happening all at once. At every moment, we are a part of this grand unity of creation.

The unfolding of the universe through time demonstrates an amazingly powerful and patient process at work. The continuous creation of the cosmos in time reveals another, stunningly powerful dynamic. When we put these two extraordinary processes together at an intersection called "now," it reveals how we simultaneously exist in a place of both creative freedom and profound communion. Being and becoming converge into an experience beyond words -- and we recognize that we already live in the realm of the sacred.

Milky Way
Our awakening to a new understanding of the universe in both its horizontal and its vertical aspects represents a stunning re-imagining of where we are as a species. Realizing that we live at the intersection of both the horizontal unfolding of the universe and the vertical arising of the universe presents a view of existence that reaches beyond any particular nation, region, or ethnic group. We are bio-cosmic beings who are waking up to the fact that we live in an ever-emergent universe and our evolutionary task is to grow into the bigness of who we are, both personally and collectively. This vision of the human journey is big enough to honor the diversity of our past and to act as a beacon for our collective future.

Although the idea of an ever-emergent universe has ancient roots in human experience, it is also radically new as the frontiers of modern science offer a growing recognition of how dynamic the universe truly is. The universe is not static, sitting quietly in empty space; instead, the totality of the universe is everywhere in motion and being regenerated moment by moment -- a process requiring the flow-through of a stupendous amount of energy. In the words of cosmologist Brian Swimme, "The universe emerges out of an all-nourishing abyss not only fourteen billion years ago but in every moment." Moment by moment, the universe emerges as a single orchestration -- a uni-verse or single verse of manifestation. Because nothing is left out of the regeneration of the universe, we are participants in a cosmic scale process whether we are conscious of it or not.

This insight is not restricted to science. Based upon decades of research described in my book "The Living Universe," harvesting the wisdom of human experience is like watching a picture gradually come into focus and seeing an extraordinary image of the universe emerging before our eyes. Within each major tradition -- Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Indigenous, and more -- we can find remarkably similar descriptions of the universe and the life force that sustains it: Christians affirm that God is not separate from this world but continuously creates it anew, so that we live, move, and have our being in God. Muslims declare that the entire universe is continually coming into being, and that each moment is a new "occasion" for Allah to create the universe. Hindus proclaim that the entire universe is a single body that is being continually danced into creation by a divine Life force or Brahman. Buddhists state that the entire universe arises freshly at every moment in an unceasing flow of interdependent, co-arising where everything depends upon everything else. Taoists state that the Tao is the "Mother of the Universe," the inexhaustible source from which all things rise and fall without ceasing. Confuciansview our universe as a unified and interpenetrating whole that is sustained and nourished by the vitality of the life force or ch'i. Indigenous peoples declare that an animating wind or life force blows through all things in the world and there is aliveness and sacred power everywhere. And many Western thinkers portray the universe as a single, living creature continually regenerating itself as it evolves toward higher levels of complexity and consciousness. Beneath the differences in language, a common reality is being described -- our life is part of a larger life that is being continuously renewed. The universe inhabits us as much as we inhabit the universe.

The Sun
The unity of existence is not an experience to be created; rather, it is an always-manifesting condition waiting to be appreciated and welcomed into awareness. The "power of now" derives from the entire universe arising at every moment as an extremely precise flow. When we are in the now, we are "reality surfing" -- riding the wave of continuous creation. Each moment is a fresh formation of the universe, emerging seamlessly and flawlessly. It is the doubly powerful nature of life at the intersection of emergence and evolution that gives such intensity and span of meaning to existence, and awakens naturally a spiritual appreciation for all of life.

May 26, 2011

The Wise & The Fools

An intelligent man obeys whatever he recognizes as being more intelligent than himself. Only a fool thinks that he must listen to his own self. But there is no such thing as your own. You didn’t create anything - there is nothing which you can claim to be yours. So where is the question of you obeying yourself? Everything you know is bits and pieces that you have gathered from everywhere. Every idea, thought and emotion has come to you from somewhere else; you have just assimilated it. 

Who and what you are right now is just your accumulated past. And whatever information you have gathered is a limited possibility. Obeying this limited possibility makes your life into a recycle bin of the old; you will never allow any future possibilities to happen to you. While it takes a lot of intelligence to see that you are enslaved, a fool thinks he is free. If whatever someone or something else is doing or saying is better than what your mind says, it’s better to obey that. It is always good to constantly seek someone or something which is a little larger than yourself and to give yourself to that process. If you become bigger than that, move on and find something bigger; till then you should just listen because that’s a way to grow. If you obey yourself, you will just recycle the past and ensure and enshrine the limitations of who you are. 

One who enshrines his limitations is working against the fundamental aspiration in every human being which is to expand, to become free. Look into yourself and you will see that the most basic and ultimate aspiration in you is freedom. And enshrining the limitations of the limited personality that you are right now is a sure way of working against that. Anyone who does not allow this seed to reach its original nature and who restrains the longing to become boundless will not know a moment of ease or peace in his life. Life is relentless. You may sleep but the source of life within you doesn’t sleep. Its agenda is always working. You may do whatever you want but life wants you to become boundless. If you work in tune with it, it gives you some ease; if you work against it, it gives you hell. There is enormous value to what you carry as a possibility.

Written by Sadhguru


May 24, 2011

My Bhava Spandana Program Experience [May19-22,2011]

BSP Experience 
“Bhava Spandana is like making a person jump and look beyond the wall. He sees beyond his limitation experientially. Once he sees that, he knows that he must go over the wall one day to see what is on the other side.” -SADHGURU

First of all, what is Bhava Spandana? Bhava Spandana Program(BSP)  is a four-day, three-night residential program offered to those who have completed the one of the introductory programs - Inner Engineering, Isha Yoga (Tamil) or Wholeness. This advanced meditation program is designed by Sadhguru to provide the opportunity to experience higher levels of consciousness beyond the limitations of body and mind. BSP offers the experience of a world of limitless love and joy.

BSP Experience
BSP Experience

The BSP for me started on Buddha Poornima , when many volunteers including some of the participants started driving in to the center
On the next day, May 17, rest of the participants and volunteers were arriving in big numbers. The whole ashram became very alive, all of a sudden it started to feel like a busy town square. Everybody excited, moving up and down, finding their room, trying to settle down; I just love that atmosphere! Nearly 300 participants and almost 200 volunteers was the final number. The same day, first session with participants started. While Sadhguru was giving an intro talk, this was a time for the volunteers to meet and go through the schedule. Assignments for the activities were given after a inspiring speech by one of the yoga teachers. From that point on, all the volunteers were clear about what's going to happen in next 3 days is minimum sleep, minimum time to eat, and all the focus will be on making this program the most beautiful experience for all the participants. It  was amazing to see the way things were happening, I'm lacking words. 3 days of just giving one's self totally,  and still what I saw was bright and shiny people full of energy with big smile on their face....this you don't get to see anywhere else!

BSP Experience

For the participants this is a life transforming weekend. Everyone of them is leaving with deep sense of oneness and love. It's so tangible. I will never forget my own BSP program, my life is not the same. Imagine your self becoming at least 5 years younger over one weekend, in therms of energy, the way your body feels, the way your emotions are. Every sensation I was experiencing with such a awareness and intensity-every breath is a reason for a celebration. I truly wish  that everyone should be touched by this grace, or divine, or god or universal energy, call it whatever you want, but everyone should experience it!

May 16, 2011

Buddha Pournami

Buddha Pournami

In the yogic culture, Buddha Pournami is a very significant day in any spiritual aspirant’s life because this is the third pournami after the earth shifts to the northern run of the sun. Today, in commemoration of Gautama the Buddha, we have named it after him. Buddha Pournami, is seen as Buddha’s day of enlightenment. After almost eight years of very body-destroying efforts, Gautama had become very weak. For four years he had been a Samana. The main sadhana for a Samana was not yoga or meditation, but to walk and never seek food – just walking and fasting. This destroyed his body almost to a point of death. At this time, he came to the river Niranjana, which as many other rivers in India today, has dried up and disappeared. This river was actually just a large stream with knee-high water flowing swiftly. He tried to cross the river but half-way across, his body was so physically weak that he could not take one more step. But he is not the kind to give up so he just held on to a dead branch that was there and just stood.

It is said that he stood like that for many hours. We do not know whether he actually stood for many hours, or for a few moments which seemed like hours in that state of weakness. But at that moment, he realized that what he is seeking is after all within himself, so why all this struggle? “All that is needed is absolute willingness and it is right here. Why am I searching around the world?” When he realized this, he had that little extra ounce of energy to take that step, walk across the river and sit down under the now famous Bodhi tree. He sat down with the determination that, “Unless the Ultimate happens to me, I will not move. Either I will get up as an Enlightened Being or I will die in this posture.” And in a moment he was there because that is all it takes.

All it takes is that it should become the only priority. Then it is just one moment. The sadhana, the effort is just for this. Because people are so scattered all over the place, it takes such a long time just to gather them and make them into one organic whole. People are identified with so many things. So the first thing is to gather yourself. Only if this human being is fully gathered as one whole, we can do something with him.
 Buddha Fasting 

So it was just that one moment. He became fully enlightened as the full-moon was just rising. He sat there for a few hours and then he got up. Seeing the intensity of his sadhana as a Samana, over the years, five co-travelers had gathered around him who looked up to him. The first thing Buddha said when he got up was, “Let’s have dinner.” These five were aghast. They thought he had fallen. They felt totally disappointed. Gautama said, “You are missing the whole point. It is not about fasting, it is about realizing. The full moon has risen within me. Look at me. Look at the change in me. Just be here.” But they went away. Out of his compassion, after a few years, he went in search of these five people one by one and put them on the path of enlightenment. So there have been many, but this incredible human being, in many ways has changed the face of this planet and still continues to do so. 2500 years is not a small amount of time.

*Isha Yoga Center celebrates Buddha Pournami with a day of sacred Buddhist chants and special offerings at the Dhyanalinga, as well as a evening and full moon meditations. The energies of this night are considered to be very conducive for one’s inner evolution. The sathsang and meditation with Sadhguru, wherever he happens to be at that time, is a much looked forward to event.

May 6, 2011

Time for Art

Imagery Therapy; one simple way to relax and meditate. Play some nice music and let all your worries, likes and dislikes go, don't pay any attention to them, simply be. Namaste!

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy 

Imagery Therapy

Imagery Therapy

May 2, 2011

"Tornado Wednesday" Mystery.


April 27,2011 is the date of one of the biggest natural disasters in american history. Number of tornadoes on that day was as high as 312, which beats the record from 1974 more than twice (that year it was 148).Statistics says that April 27, 2011, is the deadliest single day for tornadoes since the March 18, 1925, tornado outbreak that had 747 fatalities across 7 states (including the Tri-State Tornado). 

On that afternoon I decided to take a walk to the near by bluff, which is about 20 minutes of a slow walk. Here at the Isha Yoga Center USA are many beautiful trails one can enjoy through out the year. Winds were high, trees were swinging tremendously, and I was enjoying the whole scene. The energy was in the air, it was almost tangible, everything was in motion. It felt very pleasant though. By the time I got to the bluff I saw several freshly fallen trees. I stayed at the bluff for a few minutes watching everything. On the way back this mysterious thing happened to me. About half way thru I leaned down to tie my shoe, while I was doing that I looked up and saw something similar to a leaf in this isolated sunlight beam falling down. Very very slowly it was swinging in the air before it finally landed on the path in the front of me. I walk towards it and what I see is not a leaf, but a page from yellow pages, one battered page. I took a quick look, and amazed folded it, and put it in to my pocket.
3 days later I showed it to my friend Jim who's reaction was- " OMG!!!!!!....this is County in north Alabama" he immediately recognized it being born and growing up in the region.

Did it traveled that far in the air, for almost 200 miles to arrive here at our yoga center? My friends told me to save it as a lucky charm, but I didn't. 
So what was this whole situation all about? What are your thoughts? To me it's a great mystery I don't have an explanation for. The only thing I can come up with, are Sadhguru's  words: "I'm there where there is either absolute bliss, or extreme pain, the rest in between I'm leaving for you to deal with"
May the victims rest in peace!