May 2, 2011

"Tornado Wednesday" Mystery.


April 27,2011 is the date of one of the biggest natural disasters in american history. Number of tornadoes on that day was as high as 312, which beats the record from 1974 more than twice (that year it was 148).Statistics says that April 27, 2011, is the deadliest single day for tornadoes since the March 18, 1925, tornado outbreak that had 747 fatalities across 7 states (including the Tri-State Tornado). 

On that afternoon I decided to take a walk to the near by bluff, which is about 20 minutes of a slow walk. Here at the Isha Yoga Center USA are many beautiful trails one can enjoy through out the year. Winds were high, trees were swinging tremendously, and I was enjoying the whole scene. The energy was in the air, it was almost tangible, everything was in motion. It felt very pleasant though. By the time I got to the bluff I saw several freshly fallen trees. I stayed at the bluff for a few minutes watching everything. On the way back this mysterious thing happened to me. About half way thru I leaned down to tie my shoe, while I was doing that I looked up and saw something similar to a leaf in this isolated sunlight beam falling down. Very very slowly it was swinging in the air before it finally landed on the path in the front of me. I walk towards it and what I see is not a leaf, but a page from yellow pages, one battered page. I took a quick look, and amazed folded it, and put it in to my pocket.
3 days later I showed it to my friend Jim who's reaction was- " OMG!!!!!!....this is County in north Alabama" he immediately recognized it being born and growing up in the region.

Did it traveled that far in the air, for almost 200 miles to arrive here at our yoga center? My friends told me to save it as a lucky charm, but I didn't. 
So what was this whole situation all about? What are your thoughts? To me it's a great mystery I don't have an explanation for. The only thing I can come up with, are Sadhguru's  words: "I'm there where there is either absolute bliss, or extreme pain, the rest in between I'm leaving for you to deal with"
May the victims rest in peace!


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