July 20, 2011

Isha Yoga Camp for Children


Yoga for Kids: Isha Yoga Summer Camp
A 10 days of Isha Yoga Camp for Children is here, nearly 50 kids attending-EXCITING!
As a house parent, I was preparing my self weeks prior to the program, trying to learn how to handle large groups of kids ensuring they have a lot's of fun, yet seeing how to keep them safe. Although if you think about it, kids are kids, so alive and vibrant that any kind of "formula" preaching as "how to" is bound to be wrong! Sadhguru says: "When it comes to kids, it's time to learn not to teach", I guess I am going to stick to that!
At the near by Cumberland Caverns

During the Yoga Class

After the Isha Yoga Camp for Children  was over I realized how much of a new experience it was for everyone involved. The acknowledgement belongs mainly to all the kids: getting up at 5AM, continuing throughout the day full of fun activities, morning and evening yoga sessions, getting to bed at 9PM - it takes a lot! Although it wasn't the easiest, the yoga they have learned will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

For me, all that I did was simply giving myself totally. It was 24/7 about the children.
The most precious moments were those simple ones, when I got the chance to really see who they are - siting and observing them. Sometimes I'd simply burst into such laughter, tears would come out - utmost innocence combined with simplicity of their own; life in its full beauty!

Cooking class

Kids were enjoying the hot air balloon

Pottery making 

Group photo

At Holi - festival of the colors

kids yoga camp

kids yoga camp

kids yoga camp

Childrens isha yoga camp


  1. Very Joyous and Cheerful!
    Cheers to Happy Happy Kids.

  2. So Colorful and Cheerful!
    I just love how happy these kids are!

  3. Thanks for such an informative post, Denis! Loved the pictures!!

  4. That was so much fun!! Being with the kids is a great opportunity for growth!