August 25, 2011

Cosmic Whirl...

Milky Way

Apparently the latest photos from the Hubble reveal each of us to be a microscopic organism, dancing on a spec of dust, which is spinning in circles while rotating around a tiny flicker of a little flame, which will eventually burn out and gradually suck our lifeless little planet toward itself...but THEN, as if that's not enough, enter SAGITTARIUS A..

"Sagittarius A* (an enormous super black hole discovered at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy) will likely swallow up all the normal matter surrounding it, including the sun (our sun) and its planets (including our planet). After its humongous meal, this bloated black hole may then float through space until it encounters other giant holes that have already devoured their own former galaxies. And relentless gravity will inevitably cause these phenomenally massive objects to move ever closer to one another and merge in an embrace of self-annihilation."

It is really quite fantastic, isn't it?... that somehow, in this brief moment in cosmic history, that we are here at all!  But modern cosmologists are counting 1,2,3,... on physical PHOTOGRAPHS up to as many as 100 BILLION Earth-like planets in our Galaxy.  100 BILLION...with a number like this--with actual photos--how long can the human race continue to nurse various childish fairy-tale beliefs about the source of life?  

Can anyone with even half of a mind continue to be so myopic as to think we are the center of anything other than our own heads?  100 BILLION inhabitable planets in our  little galaxy alone, which is just a miniscule  among, at minimum, trillions of galaxies spread across a universe that we cannot, as of yet, see any end to...

Sadhguru speaks about this cosmic landscape using the metaphors of ancient yogic sages, who knew these realities through the inner perception attained through meditation...

"The word Shiva literally means that which is not. That which is, is existence; that which is, is creation. That which is not is Shiva. That which is not means, if you open your eyes and look around, if your vision is for small things, you will see lots of creation. If your vision is really looking for big things, you will see that the biggest presence in existence is a vast emptiness. Just a few spots – which we call galaxies – are noticed, not the vast emptiness that holds it. This vastness or unbounded emptiness is Shiva.

When we say Shiva, we are referring to this vast emptiness of existence. It is in the lap of this vast emptiness that all creation has happened. Our ancient prayers are not about saving yourself, protecting yourself, or about doing better in life. The prayers have always been about ‘Oh lord, destroy me, so that I can become like Yourself.’

So when we say Shivratri, which is the darkest night of the month, it is an opportunity for us to dissolve our limitedness, to experience the unboundedness of the source of creation, which is the seed in every human being. Shivaratri is an opportunity to bring yourself to that experience of the vast emptiness within every human being, which is the source of all creation." ~Sadhguru


  1. I wish I can feel this vast emptiness.

  2. me too, we have to work for it, and we have the necessary tools.. every day we should put them to work... :)