August 26, 2011

Saturday Video: Mohamad Yunus- Creating a World Without Poverty

When we say a businessman, most of us will imagine selfish, computed, ambitious person in charge, concerned only about the profit of his company. It seem like this is the true in many cases.
Don't be fooled! There are also such, for whom all that truly matters is to see hungry people (still over 1 billion) having their food, and life without the concern of  "what will I eat today?". These are the people we need to see in our Governments. I have recently watched moving speech by Dr. Mohamad Yunus, founder of  Grameen Bank,  2006 Nobel Peace Price Winner. and author of  "Creating a World Without Poverty"
At first I thought, ok this is too good to be true. But than, as I was watching, there was something really beautiful about this man. At one point he made me almost cry, that's how touching it was. Mohammad Yunus is also called the "Social Business Model" -deservedly, I hope many will take it up as a inspiration for their own business. Watch and see on your own.

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