August 17, 2011

Woman in Spirituality Q/A session with Sadhguru

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev 

Indian spirituality has always been a rich mixture of men and women reaching the heights of their consciousness. It is proved beyond doubt that a woman is as much capable as a man when it comes to the inner nature. It is only the peel that you can call a man or a woman. The Self is the same. Either you wear a masculine peel or a feminine peel. That is all it is. The peel does not decide what your spiritual capabilities are.

Sadhguru, I was curious about something that you said that the feminine by nature is more conducive to spirituality. But if you look back and see in the Indian culture or anywhere else, there were hardly any women gurus. You don’t even hear of enlightened women. Why is it like that? Is it something like having children or family, which takes them away from the goal of spirituality?

Sadhguru: Now, I want to tell you this. A woman can never get enlightened nor can a man get enlightened. Only if you are beyond these two damn things you can get enlightened. Because being a woman or a man is just a strong identification with a few body parts – not with your brains, not with your eyes, not with your nose, with something else, isn’t it so? Nothing wrong with it, but that is not the whole world.
That is not the basis of Creation; it is just one small part of life. So will women get enlightened? Women will never get enlightened. Men also will not get enlightened. Only if you transcend this you will get enlightened, not otherwise. Now, have there been enlightened beings who have happened to have a female body? Definitely many, any number of them, they have been enlightened and they just lived simple lives, having a just few people around them to whom they imparted their own thing in their own ways. Maybe they did not become famous and travel around the world and do things because that possibility has come only now. See, it is only in this generation that a woman can travel where she wants.
Hundred years ago she could not travel where she wants; the conditions were not such, isn’t it? If a man wants to set off, he will roll up his bag and just walk. A woman could not do that for a 
variety of reasons. Only a few of them are social, rest of them were just physical and otherwise, isn’t it? So because of that she might not have been well-known in the world. This does not mean there were no enlightened women, there have been many.

I found this trailer video above just recently. It's for "Yogawoman Film
" movie that came out sometimes this year. I kind of appreciate efforts like that. To bring the knowledge of yoga to the population is of most importance these days, of course, as long as it is of certain profoundness. Sadhguru says "there is no enlightenment for either man or woman, one have to go beyond these identifications". I haven't seen the full length movie, but the trailer it self is definitely missing this aspect. But still I thought I'll share it with you.  The next video below is Sadhguru talking some more about woman in spirituality.
Enjoy and have a great day, Denis.

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