September 4, 2011

Pranav Manem: My experience with Isha Yoga

Dear readers, this week's post is a story of a young yogi from Atlanta. Don't you think it's great to have young people taking interest in yoga? At an early age it's such an advantage! I'm not worried about the future of anyone who kick starts his life with a powerful support of kriya. Enjoy Pranav's story and remember, commenting is highly appreciated!


Isha Yoga Experience
 Pranav Manem
"My name is Pranav Manem and I am a 14 year old who currently attends Milton High School in Georgia. For the latter part of my life I have been pretty involved in Isha Foundation and it has changed me greatly. My first major experience with Isha was going to the Home School in Coimbatore for one semester in 6th grade. The time I was there was the best time of my life. Everything from the martial arts to playing sports everyday was fantastic. During the time there, I also learned the Isha children’s yoga, which benefited me both physically and emotionally. Throughout the Isha Home School experience, I learned numerous skills and was changed into a completely different person.

My other major Isha experience occurred just a few months ago when I took the Shambhavi course with Sadhguru in May. At first I wasn’t really sure what would happen if I took the course, but after it was over I soon saw the benefits involved with the practice. Soon after the course was completed, I saw that I was able to concentrate more, was doing better in school, I was much calmer and peaceful, and I needed a lot less sleep to power through the day. One example that proved that the program was beneficial occurred just two days after the program ended. My family and I had decided to go to the Isha center in McMinnville, Tennessee for Buddha Paurnami because Sadhguru was giving a lecture there. Even though I would have to come back the next day for school, I chose to go anyways. When I was at the center, I felt very full of energy. I was able to stay up till one o’clock in the morning without getting tired. My family left the center at one and arrived home at five. The only sleep I had gotten that night was within those four hours. I expected to be extremely tired at school, but instead I felt even more alert than normal and was able to go through the day without any fatigue at all. In addition to the boost in energy, I did very well on a final exam I had that day. This experience truly changed my view of doing yoga and ever since, I have seen numerous benefits that enhance my daily life. I have come to realize that the Isha experience is one of the most beneficial events that I have ever experienced and will most likely help me for the rest of my life."

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  1. Thank you Pranav for sharing! I wish that everyone could have the experience you have had at such an early age... Kudos to you for taking that step which will impact your entire life in such a huge way... just keep up the kriya and let life blossom!

    - Will

  2. How wonderful to read about your growth and experiences through Isha. Definitely having this in your life at such a young age will impact not only you but those you come into contact with. Certainly others will check out what Isha Yoga has to offer because of what you have shared.
    - Margie

  3. Nice sharing Pranav. Lucky to have been introduced to Isha Yoga at such a young age.