October 6, 2011

SiC made video: Sunset at the Isha Institute

Hello and welcome back to Still is Chill. This week I have made a short video from the IIIS.
As the Mahima construction is going on, different kinds of heavy equipment is roaming. One of them is lift which can extend it's arm up to 70ft high, and I have made use of it shooting the video below.


  1. Beautiful! This place is a "must visit".

  2. Loved it, Denis!! The music and the slow&steady video shot is a great treat.

  3. Hi Priya, how are you? Thanks for commenting. Yes you are right, the place is beautiful. The sunsets especially! I have been wanting to do this type of project every time I saw the sun setting, sometimes the colors are just unbelievable..

  4. Hello Kavita, thanks for commenting as well. I really appreciate you liking it. I have put my heart in to it. Looking at the fact that this was one of my first videos I've made, and it turned out pretty good, I was surprised my self :). That's how it works here at the Ashram, you pore your self in to something, and whatever it is, it will become beautiful .. .it works that way anywhere, not only here, but only here I was able to experience it my self :)