November 1, 2011

ISHA HERBAL natural products launched by Sadhguru

"These are not necessarily for the sick, these are for those who want to be alive. These are not even supplements; they should have been part of your diet. You’re eating out of a marketplace, not out of nature. Because of that, these things need to be added, and I think it will be a very important addition, particularly to the western part of the world. Genuine herbs, which can make a difference in one’s aliveness – you don’t need health, you need aliveness. If this system is alive enough, it will create health. So Isha Herbal is one step towards this."

– Sadhguru

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  1. Well you done a fantastic job to write on this topic.I would recommend making small batches and using them in a shorter amount of time. Over time, nutrients are lost - better to make small batches more frequently and get the most out of the ingredients. liquid extracts