December 6, 2011

Celebrity&Yoga: Adam Levine: Yoga Sculpts My Body & Is Investment in Happiness for the Rest of My Life

Adam Levine-Naked Yogi 

It seems like there is more and more celebrities in the world are discovering the positive impact of yoga on our body and mind. Do you know any celebrity that have recently picked up yoga or has been practicing for some time? 32-year-old Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, has previously said that yoga had "revolutionized" his life. But now in a new interview with Detailsmagazine, Adam talks more about his practice and how he got started on the mat.
Adam says he was 'aware of the yoga scene but initially kept his distance, turned off by what he calls "the cheesy clich├ęs."' But then after experiencing lower-back pain and tight hips, Adam decided to give yoga a try.

It's been five years since he began practicing, and he hasn't lifted a weight since! Adam on why he ditched the gym and took up yoga: "Weights made my neck thick, and I would be like, 'I'm turning into a monster! Yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel."

If you don't think yoga has physical benefits, Adam disagrees: "I don't like how people bullshit about how yoga is not about vanity."

He also sees the spiritual benefits of his daily yoga practice:
"Playing a show before thousands of people is a highly unnatural state.. and when I get on the mat to do an hour of yoga before the show, I come out physically relaxed. For me, that's a form of meditation." Adam calls his yoga practice "an investment in happiness for the rest of my life." Namaste to that! Go dudes yoga!

Here's a video of Adam talking more about yoga and even practicing:

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