December 21, 2012

One Billion OMs Initiative

OM Symbol

Imagine one billion people on this planet OM chanting all at the same time! What would it be like? Could an ordinary person, unaware of it feel any difference in his daily routine? Would it actually make a measurable difference? Let's find out! One Billion OMs project is world’s largest simultaneous meditation and OM vibration in modern history, in which anyone can participate. The project will start on December 22nd, 2012 at 12PM India Standard Time. The time will be different depending on where in the world you are located. Find out the timing for your time zone!

I am truly excited about this, and I am very much looking forward to participate. It seems like December 2012 is a perfect time in history to conduct I will call it an experiment. Let's see, it sure can make a difference, all it takes is willingness. Enjoy your 2012 and happy OMs this weekend!!!

December 13, 2012

Traditional Doctors, Alternative Treatments: An Intersection?

Choose meditation not medication

Sometimes it can seem as though complementary/alternative treatments and traditional medicine live in two silos -- never the twain shall meet, as the saying goes. We go to the doctor when we're sick or for regular wellness checks. And we go to the yoga studio or a meditation class. Yet we don't talk to our doctors about how one can support the other.

But the tide may be turning -- a recent study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine has found that three percent of people seeking out mind/body treatments, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, are doing so based on a referral from a medical provider.

December 8, 2012

Amazing Goldie Hawn: Daily meditation settles my mind, body

Goldie Hawn Daily Meditation

Goldie Hawn might be one of the most youthful 67-year-olds on the planet! Her personality is bubbly, her body is rockin' and her head-to-toe style rivals most women half her age. So, what's her secret? A good diet and solid exercise routine are part of her age-defying plan, she reveals to Prevention magazine. "I do try to do some form of exercise 4 days a week. At home in California, I'll bike up the mountain. Or I'll do Pilates or Spin. And I do eat a lot of greens. I eat healthy, but I'm not a vegetarian."

November 30, 2012

Aligning the human system with the cosmic geometry

In this short video, yogi speaks about the significance of the number 108, out of which the number 84 asanas comes from. Once again, now a days there is so much talk going on about chakras, auras, yogas, yogis..
We all have to make living somehow, but will you go to a truck driver asking about quantum physics?

November 24, 2012

iPhone, iPod, iPad.... iMeditate

How do mystics and yogis see today's modern technology? That's a good question, especially because most of us think that yogi means naked sadhu covered in ashes, sitting somewhere in the mountains. In this video, one of the yogis explains the meaning of what I see as a high technology. Is this so called modern technology supporting our intellect, making us see through better, or are we becoming more and more dull and lazy? One way or the other,  iPods, iPhones, iPads are the things we know very well, but where is the "I"?
How much do we truly know about our selves? Take a moment.. close your eyes..  look deeper and see - a miracle is happening right here! READ MORE>>

November 16, 2012

Egypt as you don't know it

What is the mystery beyond Luxor's Hu-Man temple? Learn more about exciting and revolutionary facts never revealed to the public and why is the truth about this "Library of Wisdom" being kept secret.
Many elements present in this documentary, are matching exactly what we hear from mystics, yogis and sages of the eastern tradition. READ MORE>>

November 9, 2012

The Tree The Moon The Man

Buddha in a full lotus posture 

Celebrated Buddha Pournami, "that momentous full moon night when Gautama blossomed in to Buddha" as Sadhguru put it, on May 17, with sacred Buddhist chants and offernigs at the Dhyanalinga Temple ,as well as  evening and midnight meditation. Buddha Pournami is the full moon day that marks the birth, enlightenment (nirvana) and ultimate liberation (parinirvana or mahasamadhi) of Gautama Buddha and also serves as a reminder to us all that we carry the same potential within us. The planetary positions on this day are considered to be very conducive for one's inner evolution. READ MORE>>

October 27, 2012

Study: Yoga beneficial for Kids with Autism

Children's Yoga Asana

Welcome back! Slowly but surely, yoga is being recognized as the ultimate health and healing tool, bringing this ultimate machine - our body - to it's best. Chronic ailments such as allergies, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol etc., will just vanish after certain period of practicing proper yoga asanas. Everyday I hear stories from different directions about how somebody got rid of back pain, allergies, stress etc. READ MORE>>

October 18, 2012

AUM Chanting for the thirsty

How much water to drink?

A new study from the Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, found an increased awareness of the body’s hydration levels in athletes practicing Isha’s AUMkar meditation. Conducted during a two-month period in 2011, the work is a part of ongoing research in clinical and sports nutrition by Dr.Priti Rishi Lal and will be presented at the International Conference on Food Studies to be held in October, in Illinois, USA.

October 12, 2012

Thrive - The Documentary

Welcome back dear friend! There isn't much to say about this "piece", accept that Thrive is a highly concentrated package of information which is not to be believed, but not to be disbelieve either - just like with everything else that's beyond our current understanding! Exciting topics such as electro-magnetic fields of the universe, free-energy producing generators, sacred geometry, UFO, crop circle phenomenon, world's politics and more!

October 4, 2012

Gautama the Buddha

Buddha Painting Courtesy: Isha Gupta

Buddha, Buddhism - when you hear these words, you will most likely picture bolt headed monk in a yellow robe, sitting under a tree, tirelessly counting beads and chanting a mantra. Buddhism is 2500 years old religion started by a prince, whom after seeing the true face of life, renounced everything and went in to heart breaking search of truth. Continuing below you will find Sadhguru talking about the difference between him and Gautama the Buddha.

September 21, 2012

Helping the rural children in South India

Welcome back dear Still is Chill reader!!
I am proud to join this cause, and help spread the word about Isha Vidhya's effort to rise the quality of children's life in South India. A friend of mine spend almost a year volunteering in rural India, helping local kids to achieve their education by finding sponsors for them. Currently, Shaloo continues in her honorable effort.  Besides education, the school also provides meals and clothing year round. If you like to know more about how you can  "give a child a future" click here.

September 12, 2012

Namaste from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee 

"The perfect way is only difficult for those who pick and choose. Do not like, do not dislike; all will then be clear. Make a hair breadth difference and heaven and earth are set apart; If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between "for" and "against" is the mind's worst disease."
                                                                     -Bruce Lee  in his 'TAO of JEET KUNE DO'

August 30, 2012

Blue Moon Detox

Blue Full Moon
Dear Still is Chill reader,  this Friday's full moon will be of different kind, it will be a "Blue Moon".
It is the second full moon of this month - August 2012. One of the ways to make use of this special event, is to cleanse one's system - detoxify. This can be done easily by avoiding food on the day of the full moon.

"We have come to modern times where, day or night, light is glaring in our eyes. Even if there is a full moon, I think most people who live in urban areas today do not even notice it. How can you miss a full moon? It is big enough and bright enough!"  -  mystic and yogi Sadhguru says about the full moon.

August 23, 2012

Naked in Ashes - The Documentary

Welcome back!
Naked in Ashes - A great documentary showing the life of Himalayan Yogis the way it is today. Often seen as living in harsh ways, these beings are true treasures for our humanity. Naked in freezing temperatures, covered in ashes, sometimes without food for days ... If our society's standards were true, they should be miserable, but the truth is that they are the happiest people on the planet - loving, gentle, kind with a big smile over their shiny faces - not out of their weakness, they can be very powerful! When somebody is very powerful and still remains loving, kind and compassionate - that person is a true  "treasure for humanity"

August 9, 2012

Health benefits of yoga officially approved by the US Government (VIDEO)

Welcome back dear reader. The above video comes from article from the
Several doctors and scientists documented a dramatic health improvements on participants after only a few weeks of practice. It shows yoga in a great light.

August 2, 2012

True origin of yoga and the first yogi

Yoga Asana

Alright alright, it's time to look back and see where is our beloved yoga practice and knowledge coming from. Today's market is full of this yoga, that yoga, hot pretzel yoga, octopus yoga (as if 4 limbs wasn't enough!) .. to a point of ridiculousness! We all love our practice, but do we really know when, where and  above all who came up with this deep understanding of the human system? Well, you're about to find out! If you're the way I was just 6 years a go, you must think that yoga have started sometime in 70's, in one of the California based yoga studio. Sure enough today we know that the very first yoga class goes as far as 30,000 years back. Read more about this from renounced yogi and mystic - Sadhguru.

July 25, 2012

The God Particle - A Sharp Discussion

Welcome back to Still is Chill. After busy last two weeks volunteering for the Isha Summer Program for Children I would like to share very interesting talk I greatly enjoyed. The top scientist and spiritual leaders in one room - commenting on the newest scientific discovery of the "God Particle" Vikram Chandra, Sadhguru, Dr. Pushp M Bhargava, Dominic Emmanuel,Prof. R. Rajaraman, Sw. Aatma Priyananda
Sadhguru's comments were of course hilarious, I wast cracking up at times :)

July 12, 2012

Urine Therapy: Bad joke or a miraculous remedy?

Have you ever heard about urine therapy? (also known as urotherapy, urinotherapy or uropathy). What it means is basically using one's own urine as a remedy - either by applying on the surface of your body or by drinking it. According to variety of studies and researches over the years, "drinking one's urine can greatly improve immune system, and is known to be used as an anti-cancer agent"

July 5, 2012

"I am" - The Movie

I AM is a 2011 documentary film written, narrated and directed by Tom Shadyac. The documentary explores Shadyac's personal journey after a 2007 bicycle accident, "the nature of humanity" and "world's ever-growing addiction to materialism." The film, shot with Shadyac and a team of four, contrasts sharply with Shadyac's previous comedic work.

June 28, 2012

Yoga Energy: Spirit Body Mind Balance For Our Health

Cross legged posture 

Welcome back! This week's post comes from yogi, mystic, humanitarian and visionary - Sadhguru.
His words of wisdom and utmost profundity will once again dig deeper and uncover the power behind yoga and meditation, and how one can benefit from it for a lifetime!

"Fundamentally, the word "health" comes from the root word "whole." So what we call "feeling healthy" means that we have a sense of wholeness in us. Medically, a person may be free of diseases, but that is only one part of health. When you feel like a complete human being in your body, mind and spirit, then you can be fully healthy.

June 21, 2012

Oprah Winfrey: What does spirituality mean to me

Oprah Winfrey is know all over the world. She has been on the TV screen since early 1990's. She is also one of the celebrities genuinely seeking the core of who she is. Doing a great service to the world, she shares her experience on OWN television channel. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years. Read more and see what she has to say about her journey:

June 14, 2012

Sadhguru interviewed on ABC News

This video is especially interesting. Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is addressing today economy's ups and downs, coming up with fresh ideas for good of all the people - not only a selected few.

June 7, 2012

Disabled veteran walks again after discovering yoga

Another great example of how yoga can bring great benefits in to our lives. Unbelievable story about
paratrooper Arthur Boorman returning home injured from the Gulf War, doctors told him he'd never..

May 31, 2012

Kedarnath Temple Reopened for Pilgrims

Kedarnath Temple
The Gates of reverent Himalayan shrine of Kedarnath, would be reopened for pilgrims after a gap of six months on April 28, 2012 at 7:15 AM, informed Anusuiya Prasad Bhatt, Chairman of Badrinath-Kedarnath temple committee.
The "mahurat" for reopening of Kedarnath temple was decided by the religious officials of the temple on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivrati yesterday.It's commonly believed that Char Dham Yatra begins with Kedarnath visit. About Kedarnath Temple:...

May 17, 2012

Sports and Spirituality

Sports and Spirituality 
Being a sport means you are willing to play. Willing to play means you are involved or alive to the situation in which you exist, and that is the essence of life. If there is anything that is truly close to a spiritual process, in the normal course of life, that is sports. Swami Vivekananda went to the extent of saying, "In kicking a ball or playing a game, you are much closer to the Divine than you will ever be in prayer." You can pray without involvement, but you cannot play sports without involvement, and involvement is the essence of life. But when people involve themselves in what they do, they often get entangled.

May 3, 2012

Pilgrimage to Kailash

FIRST STOP: NEPALNearly six hundred ardent seekers have come from all over the world to be on this pilgrimage to Kailash. For many, their limitations of comfort and convenience will soon be challenged. But for the last 12,000 years, maybe more, pilgrims have been making this journey without a single year’s break. They did not have the boots that we are wearing, the down jackets, tents and food supplies that we have today. They just went with a bag of flour and some fried gram. Many travelled barefoot from South India – people who had never been exposed to cold weather in their life.

April 26, 2012

Video: The Dangers of Improper Yoga

There is a lot of yoga studios around the country these days. Yoga teachers are popping out in hundreds. How do we know which yoga practice is safe for us? And I mean not only for the body!
As we spoke about in the "Yoga: A dimension beyond the physical" last week, yoga goes beyond the physical.

April 19, 2012

Yoga: A Dimension Beyond the Physical

Beyond the physical
Today, for most people, the word “Yoga” usually conjures up images of twisting the body into impossible postures. The physical aspect of Yoga is only one facet of this multi-dimensional science. Yoga is a technology to bring the body and mind to the peak of their capabilities – allowing one to live life to the fullest.

April 14, 2012

Saturday Video: Meditation and chanting a brain exercise?

Yogi, mystic and realized master Sadhguru is talking about creating certain pleasantness in all the dimensions of who you are - your body, your mind and your emotions.

April 12, 2012

New book release: "The Emerging Human Soul"

The Emerging Human Soul

My friend's mom has recently published a book called "The Emerging Human Soul". Diane Dericks is a energetic, kind and loving women. Some of the experiences she describes in the book are quite amazing, and show that she has been really touched by some higher energy. Her personality radiates through the writing and I felt like I was sitting there listening to her telling the story. She talks about how yoga and mediation have enhanced her experience of life, about her son's spiritual journey at the yoga ashram, and many other fascinating hings. Here is an excerpt from the book, I highly recommend it.

Diane Dericks, the Author
"I was once a typical suburban housewife living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had a great husband, two wonderful sons, both of whom went to private schools and Vanderbilt University, a beautiful 6000 
square foot home and an affluent life style. 

But this comfortable existence was not in God’s plan for me. Is it in His plan for anyone? His calling swept me away from this materialistic ego-driven existence into an uplifting spiritual realm I had never explored before. The change in my consciousness was monumental. I woke up out of a complacent stupor to seek a higher purpose in life. I know now this is God’s plan for all mankind. The catch here is whether or not we listen, absorb and respond to the many wonders He so graciously places before us.

This book is the story of my journey from the American dream of materialistic desires into a spiritual existence of inner harmony and peace. Mine is a story of the challenges that lead to personal growth and the blossoming of a human soul. "

For more information visit:

April 7, 2012

Saturday video: Bhava Spandana Program experience

Dear all, in August of 2007, I have taken this 3 days long program called BSP or Bhava Spandana Program. My life will never be the same thanks to what I have "seen", the experience of my Bhava Spandana Program is not something I can put in to words. All that I can say is that the states during different meditations I have experienced were the most real moments of my life, so expensive, so overwhelming. Never thought this could be possible.
I wish to share with you a short introductory video to this program that came out recently. It is not something to believe, nor it is something to disbelieve, both you will see are irrelevant if you ever let this touch you.

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April 5, 2012

Isn't it wonderful it's all in our hands?

In the yogic system, it is said that of all the life upon this planet, the human being is not only the most dominant, but that life cannot evolve beyond this in terms of body and in terms of brain anymore. He can only learn how to use it better for which yoga practices and meditation are the best tools, but he cannot evolve. Yogis arrived at this by looking at the life circles of various creatures from worms, insects, birds, animals to plants. They found that the human cycle is perfectly in tune with he cycles that happen in the solar system, because life upon this planet is just a manifestation of the energies which work upon this solar system.
We may not be conscious if this, but our life is very directly connected with the sun and the relationship between the planet and the sun. Every twelve-and-a-quarter, to twelve-and-a-half years one solar cycle is completed. Those of you conscious enough, you will notice that every twelve-and-a-half years, every human being's life goes through a certain cycle. Many changes will happen in the physiology, in the mind-set, and in the life situation of every one of us. It is just that twelve-and-a-half years is a little too much for people to keep track of. Because of that, most of don't notice it.
The moon and it's cycles is something that's much easier for us to notice. We certainly know that if our mothers and their bodies were not properly tuned to the cycles of the moon, we wouldn't be born.
So in terms of the solar and the lunar cycles, the human body us perfectly matched. Life cannot go beyond this - this is the yogic perception. We can only see how to use it better; we cannot make anything more. Today it is uncanny that neuroscientists are saying the same thing that human intelligence cannot be enhanced any more, it can only be reorganized better or to put to better use, because physics of it does not work beyond what it is right now. Neuroscientists are saying there is no way a human being can get any more intelligent that the way he is right now; he can only get to use the brain better. This is something that has been know in the yogic tradition for thousands of years. Right now, life in this solar system has reached it's peak. It is for us to put it to better use than the way it is. Once we have come as a human, only one end of life is fixed, the other end is wide open.
Human Evolution
For every other creature on this planet, both the ends are fixed. This is the human problem, that human beings are not suffering their bondage; we are suffering our freedom. If both ends were open that means we are free but unprotected. But one end closed and the other open means we are protected, but we are free.
It is more than fantastic that people who are studying the microbiology of a human being are saying, "Human cells are unique". They know that the human cell is different from every other cell found on this planet. The very way it is structured; one end is open! No other cells on the planet are created like this. What it means is nature has done everything that it can do with us. The rest that needs to be done with this is just you and you alone. It is just you. And isn't it wonderful it is all in your hands?

Written by Sadhguru

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March 29, 2012

Greetings from India: In the lap of Devi

Linga Bhairavi
It's exciting to hear from my dear friend-a fellow meditator Jason for the first time after he left for India. He has gone to explore this mystical land in January of 2012, and I haven't heard from him ever since. Occasionally someone would tell me that he's doing really good, and is enjoying him self, but other than that, no contact.
Until recently. He has shared his experience from one particular placein India: Isha Yoga Center, Coimbator.  He was offered the opportunity to participate as a  "Devi Seva" which literary means a service to the Devi-goddess. The way he describes this experience touched me and I thought I would share it with you.

Jayson: "What I went through during my time in close proximity to Devi was truly the most transformative experience of my life. Being a country boy from the state of Tennessee, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into during my first week in India. But after three days of silence, I soon became increasingly aware of the space that can be created inside oneself, by simply realizing how immensely small you actually are. I saw that Devi had no bounds, and time and space did not contain her. I found myself surrendering to her Grace, especially in tough situations, and began to reap the fruit of some hard realizations. Seeing what has really gone into a tree to make it this way, or a leaf, or a rock. Seeing that even the wind-strewn leaf upon the ground has the Creator’s intelligence within it, was a much needed and wonderful experience.

Devi Seva

I began to feel myself a different man. I carried within me the sentiment of how Devi began to make me feel, so beautifully worthless. I would say, standing next to the enormous tamarind tree, where we would chant during each of the Kalabhairava Karmas, was a big turning point for me. I saw the earth subtly become the root of all the tree’s grandeur and intricacy. I witnessed its body take on the element of fire and transform itself into the subtle sea that we call air. I perceived the random angle and manifestation of the branch crown formation and saw the beauty of the empty space that allows this entity to be and grow without restriction of definitive pattern. As I simply bowed to that tree, I discovered it held the cosmos within it, and I cowered with humility and saw that this was the key. To become less and less until there is no more. Then and only then perhaps, I can allow something that beautiful to grow inside of me.

Jai Bhairavi Devi, I am smitten and humbled by your Grace,

Jai Bhairavi Devi, I am crushed and formed new by your warm embrace,

Jai Bhairavi Devi, I seek only to exist within your infinite loving space.

To all those who made this possible, Sadhguru especially, the wonderful Bhairagini Maas and to all the volunteers, who were all the time full of energy and whom I would need years of Olympic training to keep up with, I am sincerely grateful.

– Jason Cutler

March 22, 2012

Death and Spirituality

Manikarnika Varanasi

I am reading quite a bit of different yoga, meditation, health, wellness, spiritual blogs almost every day. There are many inspiring articles. It's great to meet new interesting people from across the world sharing experience on their spiritual journey. Recently I watched an interesting video sharing on the Elephant Journal, from Ben Ralston, a guy from Slovenia for instance. Yet what I am noticing is that not much is being written about death and mortality; such a big part of our day to day life largely ignored.

Death is being looked at differently in different parts of the world. While in the east it is accepted and people accept it as a natural process (especially in India), in the west it is still a taboo, as if didn't even exist.
It frightens people, yet the mystery that it is, is pulling us towards it like a magnet. Who wouldn't want to know what's happening after we die and still be able to continue to live? If there are things which we can't scientifically understand, death is definitely one of them, right next to the life. So where is the connection between the death and spirituality? How can one make use of being aware of his own mortality? There was a sage, an enlighten master, whom once said: " If every human had a part of his brain dedicated to remind him every day about his mortality, this world would be full of enlightened people."

"How can remembering my mortality enhance my life?" Seeing my mortality works like a magnifying glass, it helps me to look closer at life, just a play of contrasts. All the teachings and moralities we have learned can easily be ignored if we want to, we can keep on doing the same nonsense, but we can't bullshit our selves when it comes to death. It is a great awakening tool!
Tell your self  "One day, I will also have to leave"
Try to look deeper and see, how does make you feel?

If you are practicing yoga asanas, you may already know that shavasana; laying down posture at the end of your practices, in Sanskrit means corpse. Probably so we can get a good rest at the end. Life is so beautiful only because one day it will be over. If you are constantly aware of this, you will make a great use of it!

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March 17, 2012

Saturday Video: "That which dwells within all"

"There is no language that I don't understand, there is no hearth who's voice I do not hear"
Hearth opening, meditative, relaxing, pure love. May you be touched by this!

March 15, 2012

From anger to compassion: The power of yoga

It does not matter how much people preach "don't get angry"; when certain situations arise, you get angry. It does not matter what kind of human being you become; even if you become superhuman, you will never have absolute control over the external world. Whether it is with the company you work for, your family or the world, you will never have total control over external situations.

But you can have total control over your internal situation. Emotional states like anger, hate, lust, compassion or love -- from the lowest states to the highest -- are certain types of expression of the same energy. People often ask, "Can we exist without anger?" This is generally because anger is the most intense emotion people have experienced in their lives. People want intensity, but the only way they know how to be intense is through physical action, anger or pain. The very reason why drugs and sex have become such a big thing in the world is, somehow, people want to experience some intensity, at least for a few moments -- it is the intensity that draws them. I am always talking about intensity because intensity is the only thing man is seeking, and it is the only thing that will liberate man from his present bondages.

But unfortunately, for most people, their fear, anger and hatred are the most intense situations in their lives. Their love is never so intense. Their peace is never so intense. Their joy is never so intense. Instead, their negativities are intense, so they experience power in negative circumstances.

Anger is enormous intensity; it is an intensity that hurts you. It is an intensity that can get you into a lot of trouble. It is an intensity that can destroy people around you and yourself in so many ways. But if you transform your energy in a certain way, it naturally becomes love and compassion. Then, slowly, as the process goes further, you reach the pinnacle of self-awareness and experience a unity with all life. The whole process of yoga is based on this.

For many people, "yoga" just means twisting yourself into some impossible postures. But that is not what we are referring to as yoga. "Yoga" means to be in perfect tune, when your body, mind, spirit and the existence are in absolute harmony. When you fine-tune yourself to such a point where everything functions so beautifully within you, the best of your abilities will naturally flow out of you. So yoga is the science of activating your inner energies in such a way that your body, mind and emotions function at their highest peak.

Suppose you start experiencing everyone around you as part of yourself. After that, no one needs to teach you to be good, not to harm others. And once you are experientially a part of everything, then nobody needs to teach you morality. Then you can do something about any given situation that may be unpleasant, but without anger. What you have to do, you do; but when you do it with anger and hatred, it is of no value. A day can come when, even if you are put into the most extreme situation, your energies will remain very calm. When you act out of unity with all life, you act without identity. Only then can you function out of your intelligence.

Yoga means to cultivate your energy in such a way that gradually it breaks the physical limitations and elevates you to the highest level of awareness, the flowering of human potential.

~Written by Sadhguru on Huffinghton Post

March 8, 2012

John Friend Scandal-Not really!

I know I know, you must have heard a million times about John Friend's scam, and you are tired of it. I understand because in passed month just about every yoga blogger, every green body mind site, every meditation oriented page have shared this news. It's old. I know.
Don't worry! I am not going to stir that any further. Those of you not familiar with the case, you can read the whole story if you're interested, or if a short version is enough for you: John Friend is the founder of Anusara (no longer part of it), one of the world’s fastest-growing yoga styles. Last month he became even more famous after accusations of sexual impropriety with his female students.

I never bothered to share my own thoughts on John "Boyfriend's" sexual scam, simply because what have happened doesn't surprise me at all, and we will continue to see it in the future. In India for instance, the same happens almost every year or two. But what's wrong with that I am asking? He enjoyed his romance as much as the ladies did, two or more adult people you know, doesn't seem wrong to me! ( Nothing compare to abuses happening on children in catholic churches! ). So let's not blame John Friend ok?! We must see that it was us, blind and stupid, letting somebody fool us for so long! How many more so called "spiritual leaders are out there I wonder.

Genuine seeker should remember one thing: there are no gurus to choose from ok?! It's not like you open  the yellow pages to look for one! The truth is if you happen to come across a real guru even once in your life, you are a very fortunate being! Don't thing that this good, friendly guy you are visiting twice a week is your guru! He may be your friend, maybe your teacher, but not your guru!

So who is your guru then? and how will you recognize him?
It's simple. Real guru will give you an experience. He will crank your energy and have you "see" in such a way, that you won't believe it's actually you sitting there! A real guru will not only have mastery over his life energy, but over yours also. If it so happens that sudden rush of energy comes in to your body, this is a clear indication that the man sitting in front of you is your guru. The experience will be distinct, you can't miss it! When you meet such a being, when you come across to such a possibility, you will not only rely on him; you will be willing to give your life to him, if you're intelligent enough.

March 3, 2012

Saturday Video: Music for the soul

This "balsam for the soul and spirit" piece comes from Greek artist Anteaus. Magical and insightful song, I melt immediately in to it's melody. Very meditative and inspiring. Enjoy!

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March 1, 2012

Consecration - what does it mean?


Agastya Muni was sent to South India by Shiva – the Aadhi Yogi, or the first yogi. He consecrated every human habitation south of the Deccan Plateau in some form and made sure that a live spiritual process was on. He did not spare a single human habitation. They say it took him 4000 years of work. We do not know whether it is 4000 or 400 or 140 – but looking at the phenomenal amount of work and the amount of travel that he did, he obviously lived a very extraordinary lifespan. Agastya muni went to the extent of saying that when the world truly goes off the track because of development and knowledge, when knowledge becomes poison, when what should be good for you becomes negative for you, his work would rise and act.

 Consecration is a live process. It is like this, if you transform mud into food, we call this agriculture. If you make food into flesh and bone, we call this digestion, integration. If you make flesh into mud, we call this cremation. If you can make this flesh or even a stone or an empty space into a divine possibility, that is called consecration. Today, modern science is telling you that everything is the same energy manifesting itself in a million different ways. If that is so, what you call as divine, what you call a stone, what you call a man or a woman, what you call a demon, are all the same energy functioning in different ways. For example, the same electricity becomes light, sound and so many other things, depending upon the technology. So it is just a question of technology. If you have the necessary technology, you can make the simple space around you into a divine exuberance, you can just take a piece of rock and make it into a god or a goddess -this is the phenomenon of consecration.

An enormous amount of knowledge about this dimension of life was perpetuated particularly in this culture, as this was held as the most important thing. It does not matter what you are eating, how you are or how long you live, at some point, a need will come that you want to get in touch with the source of creation. If that possibility is not created across the planet and is not available to every human being who seeks, then society has failed to provide true well-being for a human being. It is with this awareness that in this culture, every street had three temples because even a few meters should not pass without there being a consecrated space. The idea was not to create one temple versus the other, the idea was that nobody should walk in a space which is not consecrated. Nobody should live in a space which is not consecrated. The temple was always built first and then houses were built. 

Dhyanalinga Temple

 The whole state of Tamil Nadu is built like this. Every significant town in Tamil Nadu had a grand temple and around that, a little town. Because the kind of dwelling you live in is not important. Whether your house is 10,000 square feet or just 1000 square feet is not going to make a difference ultimately, but being around a consecrated space is going to make a phenomenal difference in your life. With this understanding, they built human habitations such that, if there are 25 houses, there must be one temple. Whether you go there or not, whether you pray or not, whether you know the mantra or not, is not the point. You must be in a consecrated space every moment of your life.
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February 23, 2012

Nassim Haramein: Science inclined to spirituality

The "Flower of Life" 
Welcome back! There has been a lot happening in the science world this week, so much that I couldn't decide what to write about first. Finally I picked a video lecture from one of the greatest scientist of today. Nassim Haramein was speaking at the Camelot Project conference in 2011 (more about Project Camelot comming up)
Nassim Haramein, the energy and passion with which he speaks about physics brings remarkable quality to his talks. There are many scientists in the world, but Nassim is the kind you won't get to hear everyday. You'll be extra pleased with this video if you enjoy eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation, . Nassim Haramein provides solid scientific data reinforcing what yogis, mystics and sages have been telling us for thousands of years! Both Nassim Haramein and Lawrence Krauss are pioneers in their field, and they deserve much attention and recognition. You are about to discover the significance of their work. Enjoy!

February 20, 2012

Special Post: Mahashivaratri-A rapturous night with the divine

Mahashivarathri at the Isha Yoga Center, India
Official Mahashivarathri site:
is the night of Shiva, the Adiyogi. A gift from nature, the unique planetary positions on this night initiate an upsurge of energy in the human system. By staying awake and keeping the spine erect one can reap immense benefits. The exuberant nightlong festival at the Isha Yoga Center sets the ideal ambience for this, with explosive meditations and spectacular musical performances by renowned artists, drawing over a million people. In the presence of Sadhguru, this unrivaled celestial extravaganza opens up the tremendous spiritual possibilities of the night.

We invite you to join us, along with your family and friends, to experience the Grace and grandeur of Mahashivarathri with Sadhguru.

February 18, 2012

Saturday Video: AcroYoga performance

Wonderful performance and music. There is something magical when it comes to this type of art, when body it self is the object of art. Enjoy this relaxing show!


February 16, 2012

The 7 Chakras and Their Significance to Your Life

There are a lot of spiritual and yoga sites out there, and even more has been written about the chakras. I am not going to name, but sometimes my eyes suddenly open up wide and chin drops from what I read. Just about anybody in the new age and yoga community claims that he's a chakra healer, writes articles and books about it and so forth. I decided to bring more light to these areas by using words of a self realized master and yogi, Sadhguru. This ancient wisdom has been carefully handed over from generation to generation, taking enormous care nothing get's distorted. It is also our generation's responsibility to make sure this knowledge remains in it's original format.

About chakras in detail:
Chakras are energy centers. Although most people have heard of seven chakras, there are actually 114 in the body. The human body is a complex energy form; in addition to the 114 chakras, it also has 72,000 "nadis," or energy channels, along which vital energy, or "prana," moves. When the nadis meet at different points in the body, they form a triangle. We call this triangle a chakra, which means "wheel." We call it a wheel because it symbolizes growth, dynamism and movement, so even though it is actually a triangle, we call it a chakra. Some of these centers are very powerful, while others are not as powerful. At different levels, these energy centers produce different qualities in a human being.

Fundamentally, any spiritual path can be described as a journey from the base chakra, called the "Mooladhara," which is located at the base of the spine, to the "Sahasrar," which located at the top of the head. This journey of movement from the Mooladhara to Sahasrar is from one dimension to another. It may happen in many different ways, and various yogic practices can effect this movement.
Mooladhara is really made up of two terms: "Moola" means the root or source, and "adhar" means the foundation. It is the very basic foundation of life. In the physical body, your energies need to be in the Mooladhara chakra to some extent. Otherwise, you cannot exist. If the Mooladhara chakra alone is dominant, food and sleep will be the predominant factors in your life.

Lower Chakras 
We can speak in terms of lower and higher chakras, but such language is often and too easily misunderstood. It is like comparing the foundation of a building to the roof; the roof is not superior to the foundation. The foundation of the building is more basic to the building than the roof, and the quality, life span, stability and security of the building depends, to a large extent, on the foundation rather than the roof. But in terms of language, the roof is higher, and the foundation is lower.
The second chakra is "Swadhisthana." If your energies move into Swadhisthana, you are a pleasure seeker. The Swadhisthana chakra is located just above the genital organs. When this chakra is active, you enjoy the physical world in so many ways. If you look at a pleasure seeker, you will see that his life and his experience of life are just a little more intense compared with a person who is only about food and sleep.

If your energy moves into the "Manipuraka" chakra, located just below the navel, you are a doer in the world. You are all about action. You can do many, many things. If your energies move into the "Anahata" chakra, you are a creative person. A person who is creative in nature, like an artist or an actor, is someone who lives very intensely -- more intensely, perhaps, than a businessman, who is all action.
The Anahata literally means the "un-struck." If you want to make any sound, you have to strike two objects together. The un-struck sound is called "Anahata." Anahata is located in the heart area and is like a transition between your lower chakras and your higher chakras, between survival instincts and the instinct to liberate yourself. The lower three chakras are mainly concerned with your physical existence. Anahata is a combination; it is a meeting place for both the survival and the enlightenment chakras.

The next chakra is the "Vishuddhi," which literally means "filter." Vishuddhi is located in the area of your throat. If your energies move into Vishuddhi, you become a very powerful human being, but this power is not just political or administrative. A person can be powerful in many ways. A person can become so powerful that if he just sits in one place, things will happen for him. He can manifest life beyond the limitations of time and space. If your energies move into the "Agna" chakra, located between your eyebrows, you are intellectually enlightened. You have attained to a new balance and peace within you. The outside no longer disturbs you, but you are still experientially not liberated.

If your energies move into "Sahasrar," at the crown of your head, you become ecstatic beyond all reason. You will simply burst with ecstasy for no reason whatsoever.

Chakras have more than one dimension to them. One dimension is their physical existence, but they also have a spiritual dimension. This means that they can be completely transformed into a new dimension. If you bring the right kind of awareness, the same Mooladhara that craves food and sleep can become absolutely free from the process of food and sleep. If one wants to go beyond food and sleep, one needs to transform the Mooladhara to an evolved state.

There is only jump
To move from Mooladhara to Agna, from the lowest of these seven chakras to the second highest, there are many procedures, methods and processes through which one can raise his energies. But from Agna to Sahasrar, the sixth chakra to the highest chakra, there is no path. You can only jump there. In a way, you have to fall upward. So, the question of going step by step to that dimension does not really arise. There is no way.

It is for this reason that spiritual traditions have emphasized the significance of a guru's role in one's realization; guru literally means "dispeller of darkness." You can only jump into an abyss -- the depth of which you do not know -- if you have an absolutely insane heart, or if your trust in someone is so deep that you are willing to do anything in their presence. Most people, due to a lack of either of these two aspects, just get stuck in the Agna chakra. When this happens, peacefulness is the highest state they will know. It is only from this limitation that there has been so much talk about peace being the highest possibility. But for someone seeking their ultimate nature, peace is only the beginning; it is not the ultimate goal.

February 11, 2012

Saturday Video: The "Anaadhi" Flies

When I first start watching this video, it immediately reminded me of something. Even the title "The Fly". Those of you who attended Anaadhi sure know what I am talking about! So many things we did to keep them away, do you remember? Or did someone share this with you?
You're about to watch a video that tells the fly story during that incredible summer of 2010.
Find out more about "Anaadhi-The beginning less"


February 9, 2012

Pop star Smita offers her new album to Sadhguru

Pop-star singer Smitha

Hello and welcome back! 

This is some truly pleasant news. India's pop star singer Smita composed her new album as a offering to Sadhguru.
I am not sure whether or not she have done any of the programs Isha Foundation offers, but it would make sense that she did. This is clear proof that spirituality is available to everyone at anytime, all it takes is a open hearth.

The popular singer has been working on a modish and contemplative album.  But, why the titled Ishana?  The name is derived from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Foundation, to whom the album is an offering.
She has tweeted saying, "Countdown begins for the launch of my spiritual fusion album ISHANA, a pathway to the divine... More details will follow."

"My spiritual approach all of a sudden from pop albums has taken many by surprise. I feel that spirituality is not for senior citizens alone, it is equally important for youngsters to achieve success in life", she was quoted as saying by a national newspaper.
 Sadhguru will be releasing the album in Coimbatore on Mahasivaratri (Feb. 20).  A commercial release is planned to be organised in Hyderabad on a later day.

February 4, 2012

Saturday Video: National Geographic DNA tracking Document

Hi and welcome back! In this Saturday's Video, I am sharing a document movie called "The Human Family Tree". Using today's human DNA, team of scientist tracked down our origins, and the results are astonishing! Some time a go, somebody actually told me about this, that a modern human - homo sapiens, the whole race, may be coming from one single mother. It was shocking, It was difficult to grasp it. Yet I was so excited that it wouldn't let me sleep for a few days! Just another proof that we are all "one" - that we are all in yoga which means "union". You will see some cool graphic animations as well as a few hundred volunteers involved in this.

February 2, 2012

Feeding 7 Billion Of Us Without Ruining The Planet

  by Tom Laska:

It turns out converted rainforest land is neither particularly productive as farmland nor climate smart, since creating it releases huge amounts of carbon sequestered in trees. Now that we’re surrounded by 7 billion of our closest friends, it’s probably a good time to talk about how we’re going to feed them. The government, along with corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, and others who are part of our current industrial agriculture system, will tell you that feeding the world is all about more. More yield from crops, more chemicals, more fertilizer, more genetically engineered seeds. More, more, more!
Of course, it’s easy to say that when you’re willing, as they are, to ignore the health effects, climate and environmental impacts, resource constraints, and every other real world consequence of large-scale industrial agriculture.
Our ability to feed this expanding population (let alone reduce world hunger) is generally discussed in terms of bushels of grain or total calories produced. It’s as if other aspects of the food production system — from agriculture’s carbon footprint, to the amount of crops now used for biofuels and animal feed, to the availability and price of oil and other depleted resources like phosphorus, a key fertilizer — are somehow irrelevant.
So it’s nice to see an article in the preeminent science journal Nature that tries to look at the big picture of world agriculture, warts and all. The report was written by a team of international scientists led by Dr. Jonathan Foley of the University of Minnesota’s Institute of the Environment, and the goal was to address how our current food system is failing to feed the world. And yes, that was “is failing” –not “might fail in the future.” After all, any system that leaves nearly 15 percent of the world’s population — and 50 million residents of the world’s richest country — hungry while wasting an astounding amount of food can’t possibly be considered a success.
On the bright side, Foley’s team of researchers concluded that we can indeed produce enough food and do so in a way that both minimizes environmental and climate damage while treating water as the precious resource it is. We will, however, have to make a few adjustments to our approach to agriculture. The to-do list is surprisingly short:
  • Close agricultural “yield gaps” — the difference between the most and least productive regions — while minimizing farming’s environmental footprint
  • Stop agricultural expansion into sensitive areas, such as rainforests
  • Stop wasting so much food
  • Eat less meat and put less food (i.e. ethanol) into our gas tanks.
Read more on population. Check out our series 7 billion: What to expect when you’re expanding. Though few, the changes called for won’t be easy to enact. According to the researchers’ analysis, however, these are the only real options if we are to produce food for all 7 billion of us without destroying the planet in the process.
The report also points out that conventional attempts to expand food production, such as the recent increase in farmland, do more harm than good. Much of that new farmland is, for the most part, former tropical rainforest — and it turns out converted rainforest land is neither particularly productive as farmland nor climate smart, since creating it releases huge amounts of carbon sequestered in trees. The study provides evidence that we’re better off letting the rainforest sequester carbon than burning and bulldozing it to grow grains or sugarcane (which mostly end up as biofuel rather than human food).
The report adds that the relentless focus on exporting Western-style industrial agriculture is a dead-end. This is true for many reasons, but one is that our system is incredible resource inefficient. While much of the world could benefit from increased fertility, the overuse of fertilizer — responsible for the ocean “dead zones” throughout the world — is caused by the agriculture practiced the U.S., Western Europe, Northern India, and China. As the study notes, “only 10 percent of the world’s croplands account for 32 percent of the global nitrogen surplus and 40 percent of the phosphorus surplus.” According to Foley and his team:
… conventional approaches to intensive agriculture, especially the unbridled use of irrigation and fertilizers, have been major causes of environmental degradation. Closing yield gaps without environmental degradation will require new approaches, including reforming conventional agriculture and adopting lessons from organic systems and precision agriculture.
That’s right, they used the “O” word. In fact, these scientists concluded that if we’re to grow more with fewer resources and a smaller environmental and carbon footprint, we’ll have to look not to high-tech solutions like genetic engineering but rather to:
agroecological innovations in crop and soil management [which] … show great promise for improving the resource efficiency of agriculture, maintaining the benefits of intensive agriculture while greatly reducing harm to the environment.
Agroecology is a broad term, but generally involves a balanced approach to agriculture that takes account of natural systems when choosing what to grow and how to grow it. While it’s the form of food production rarely discussed at USDA and in the U.S. generally, agroecological principles have been endorsed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as well as by the U.N.’s Right to Food program as the best way forward. They’ve also been explored in depth in a report produced by hundreds of scientists for the World Bank.

The Nature study also noted that worldwide, only 62 percent of our crops go towards food we actually eat. A third goes to livestock and around 3 percent goes to biofuel, fiber, or seed production. But those numbers vary greatly by region. The scientists produced a “heat map” that looks at what percentage of a region’s crop production is fed to humans vs. animals and fuel tanks. Red indicates cropland totally dedicated to food while blue indicates cropland used to grow fuel, fiber, or other industrial products.
Notice that cold blue swath that covers the American Midwest? The same area touted as the key to America’s “feeding the world”? Well, the map shows that the vast majority of food grown there is not destined for people’s stomachs. That’s something that will need to change if we are to have any hope of making food available to those who need it.
With the tools currently at our disposal, we can reduce carbon emissions to address climate change; we can create jobs to address economic inequality; and, yes, we can “feed the world,” though the better term is “feed ourselves.” What Foley and his team are really telling us is that, as with the other challenges we face, the main obstacles are political.
The fact is that the people and corporations who run things at the moment don’t want to change. And certainly not in the direction this report recommends. That’s a shame, because it’s a lot easier to change by choice than in a time of crisis. But unless we find ways to adopt the principles that scientists like Foley and his team are describing soon, we’re likely to have change forced upon us. And I’m guessing we’ll like the results a whole lot less.
A 17-year veteran of both traditional and online media, Tom is a Contributing Writer at Gristcovering food and agricultural policy. Tom’s long and winding road to food politics writing passed through New York, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, Florence, Italy and Philadelphia (which has a vibrant progressive food politics and sustainable agriculture scene, thank you very much). In addition to Grist, his writing has appeared online in theAmerican Prospect, Slate, the New York Times and The New Republic. He is on record as believing that wrecking the planet is a bad idea. Follow him on Twitter.