January 29, 2012

Saturday Video: Adiyogi Alayam Consecration-Glimpses

A consecration of the Adiyogi Alayam (build and consecrated specifically for hata yoga practices and teachers training)  happened in a glorious manner, witnessed live by over 10,000 people. To re-create the grandeur of the whole event, Isha has put together the Adiyogi Alayam Glimpses Photo CD, with over 80 photos taken from the program. A perfect way to behold the miraculous event of consecration…

A quiet Sea
A quiet Day
A quiet Mind

But a raging Heart
Blazing with the Fire
Of an ancient Sage.

Burning for many a millennia
Destructive for the ignorant
Enlightening for the seeking
Brutal to the stubborn
Tender to the willing.

When all the tricks fall
The First Yogi’s Fire shall
Burn the ignorant pall
To light the future’s citadel

Citadels of future are first
built in the minds of Ignorance or Light

These citadels when lit with Grace
Of the Blue-Bodied Maker of all race

Will be a worthy place to dwell here
and a passage to the ways of the beyond.

O’ how fortunate are we

January 26, 2012

Silence: "To speak or not to speak"

Silence is the way

Silence is one of the easiest and quickest ways to deepen your mediation. Many yogis and masters of the passed have chosen to become silent for long periods. In today's society, language is seen as one of the pillars of the human intellect. It plays a role in analyzing the world, in reasoning, solving problems, and planning actions. It allows us to convey memories of the past and beliefs about the future, to engage others about events that have not taken place, and to express the relations between events.

As soon as I moved to the US, I was facing one big limitation: language. The ability to express one's self through speech is of most significance. Just off the record, I'd say that the more superficial the society, the more importance is put up on the language. As a child and a teenager, the problem of expressing what was on my mind wasn't there. This changed as soon as I started to speak English. It felt like, after a brain stroke or something you know; you're back and conscious trying to learn how to walk again, but you can't believe these are actually your legs; they simply won't take the instruction. Similarly with the speech, you want to say something, but it just doesn't "click" at the right time. That was my experience, which I am sure I share with some of you. It is because of this trans-lingual experience I've started looking closer at languages.

Any language (approx. 3000-6000 across the world),  is a series of sounds with meaning attached to it (except a few). I did some research trying to find out how much of the brain's capacity is actually used by language, but I couldn't find this information. It is a good portion, that's for sure. Just experiment with it. Try for a few days not to speak, you'll see, your mind's activity will drop at least by 50%. That's why silence is always part of any spiritual process. It's simple, stop talking, mind will reduce it's activity, and there it comes: peace of mind!

It can be great challenge for some, for other it will happen naturally. What about you? I am definitely the second category, I did not have any problem going through  my 10 days silence program in 2010.
A fantastic experience as a matter of a fact! All my senses were greatly enhanced. I was bright and shiny inside out. My experience of the external situations was like switching from black and white screen to full HD! First word I uttered after these 10 days was but incredible experience hard to put in words, but it was very intense yet delicate situation.
Sadhguru also mentioned that if person does't speak for as long as 1008 days continuously, he will simply lose the ability to speak for good! So don't go over the board with it!  :)

Silence is the way!

January 19, 2012

Still is Chill for CENSOR FREE INTERNET !


January 14, 2012

[Saturday Video] Lawrence Krauss: Life, the Universe and Nothing

Welcome back!
This one hour long lecture from Dr. Lawrence Krauss is simply a must-watch. Absolutely worth spending the time, especially if like to learn more about latest universe research results.
Lawrence Krauss is highly intelligent person with a great sense of humor, which you'll see in the video. The moments I enjoy the most are when he goes on explaining all those super-complex problems of astrophysics, writing numbers and greek letters all over the chalkboard, and when he's done explaining, he  turns to the audience and says: "But we still don't know". Obviously all those years of research, study and calculations only brought them to "not-knowing". Genuine "not-knowing". Truth can only be experienced, it cannot be calculated or logically grasped. It cannot be put in to words. This I consider as a turning point  That's when one is becoming meditative and starts looking inward.

Enjoy the show!!!

January 12, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) turning spiritual ?

Mark Zuckerberg visits India

A warm welcome!
It's been happening to me lately that, every time I think about what the next article should be about, I have a very strong pull towards celebrities and their spiritual seeking. Being a celebrity means having everything you can think of at anytime. Just imagine your self being like that, it must be depressing after some time. Alcohol and drugs are very commonly seen. It's natural for such a people to become a seeker.

One among many such a people is Adam Levine from Maroon 5, who I blogged about just a few weeks ago. Of course there are many many more who have an interest in mediation; Richard Gear, Clint Eastwood, Moby, The Beatles (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr)

This time around, to my surprise, I came across article about Mark Zuckerberg and his visit to India including Osho's Ashram in Pune. (read more)  Why would somebody so young and successful, with his whole life ahead of him visit a place created by a controversial guru, who was rejected from USA as well as many other countries as a "unacceptable"? Out of curiosity? Probably. But why an Ashram? There are tons of places to visit in India, one would have to spend a whole year to get some exposure to all the country's architectural jewels. An Ashram?

It seems to me that many young people these days are turning to meditation and spirituality more than ever before.  And it's not an accident.  Sadhguru has said recently that even those people who are not aware of meditation may turn spiritual in the coming months.  According to another source, the whole Solar System is continuously moving towards higher energy field in the Galaxy, which is suppose to be causing the whole evolution progress becoming faster than ever before. Mark Zuckerberg is just a living example that shows this is coming true.

If this urge comes in to ones life, yoga  studios won't do the job. Then where to seek the necessary support and guidance?
Osho is gone, Maharishi Mahesh is also gone. We still have Sadhguru. It's time to truly explore on the big scale who this man is, and what he has to offer to the world. Sadhguru says: "The very process of yoga and meditation is to take you to such an overwhelming experience within yourself that tears of ecstasy will flow out of you."


January 7, 2012

Riding the Cycles - Sadhguru

Most people keep repeating the same cycles in different scenery. The first time some rubbish happened to you, you were in school. The next time it happened, you were in college. The next time it happened, you had a job. The next time, you were married. The scenery is different, but experientially, the same things are happening if you closely observe your life.

If you exist here as just a body, you know where you are going; every second, you are getting closer to the grave. Life will be play, then it becomes pleasure, then it becomes so many things. Then, every joint hurts and one gets terrified because it is coming to an end. For physical life, this is progression; you don’t have to go through it to know it, you have enough intelligence to just sit and see it. But our fortune is we are not just physical, we have other dimensions to us. In terms of your mental status, it can either continue to grow or it can go in cycles. In terms of your emotional status, it can also continue to grow or it can go in cycles. You may not be aware of other dimensions yet, but even there, you can go in cycles or you can go somewhere. When there is a set process, you cannot change things so easily. But when there is a periodic destabilization of the system, there is a great possibility for change.

If you are very balanced, your cycles will happen once in twelve to twelve-and-a-half years. If you are not so balanced, they will happen in a quarter of the time – a little over three years. It could also happen more often, every sixteen to eighteen months, or every three months. The longest cycle is one hundred and forty-four years; this is a Maha Kumbh Mela. I will not go into the whole arithmetic of it because people will complicate things for themselves, but definitely, everything in this system is cyclical; the earth is going in cycles, the moon is going in cycles. If you do not stand up with a certain level of awareness and a certain level of determination, you will naturally become a part of the cycles. These cycles can mean bondage or these cycles can mean transcendence; that from one cycle of life to another, you transcend. Or, you repeat the same cycle.
The difference between astrology and spirituality is just this – astrology is telling you how these cycles bind you. The spiritual process is telling you how you can get away from these cycles. We are not denying the cycles; it would be stupid to deny them, they are definitely there. They are like waves in an ocean, either you can ride them or be thrashed and drowned by them. But we are looking at how you can slip away from them. If you live by being conscious of the cycles, your life will have a certain equanimity, a certain level of success, wellbeing and prosperity. But if you are constantly looking at how to become free from the cycle, you are looking for your liberation. The question is, are you looking for just wellbeing or are you looking for liberation? Accordingly, you must live.

So right now, if your life is going through cycles and repetitiveness, you are not going to reach anywhere; it is time to change the pattern. I want you to observe – is it happening every three months? Once in sixteen to eighteen months? Is it happening once in three-and-a-quarter years, or is it happening once in twelve years? Don’t start imagining all kinds of things, but it is happening whether you are able to notice it or not. It is not just happening with your mental and emotional situations, if you are aware of it, even physical situations around you will repeat themselves. It is so uncanny that even physical situations happen exactly the same way.
So what can you do about your cycles? If they are manifesting every three months, we can push it to eighteen months. If they are manifesting every eighteen months, we can push it to three years, or we can push it to twelve years. Or we can push it to one hundred and forty-four years. Or above all, instead of trying to dodge these cycles, we can ride these cycles.

I have been riding my cycles. I am now approaching my twelve-year cycle. Every time it comes, my life changes and it will change dramatically in the next four to six months. Every time I approach these times there will be a significant presence of a serpent. Shiva’s compassion lest I should forget – this time around, it is a king cobra. Exciting times ahead. Be with me with all your being, do not mess your Destiny. Of course, don’t miss the fun.

Sadhguru is a realized Master and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and prominent spiritual leader. A contemporary Guru, he is an intriguing blend of ancient wisdom and modern insight.
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