January 12, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) turning spiritual ?

Mark Zuckerberg visits India

A warm welcome!
It's been happening to me lately that, every time I think about what the next article should be about, I have a very strong pull towards celebrities and their spiritual seeking. Being a celebrity means having everything you can think of at anytime. Just imagine your self being like that, it must be depressing after some time. Alcohol and drugs are very commonly seen. It's natural for such a people to become a seeker.

One among many such a people is Adam Levine from Maroon 5, who I blogged about just a few weeks ago. Of course there are many many more who have an interest in mediation; Richard Gear, Clint Eastwood, Moby, The Beatles (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr)

This time around, to my surprise, I came across article about Mark Zuckerberg and his visit to India including Osho's Ashram in Pune. (read more)  Why would somebody so young and successful, with his whole life ahead of him visit a place created by a controversial guru, who was rejected from USA as well as many other countries as a "unacceptable"? Out of curiosity? Probably. But why an Ashram? There are tons of places to visit in India, one would have to spend a whole year to get some exposure to all the country's architectural jewels. An Ashram?

It seems to me that many young people these days are turning to meditation and spirituality more than ever before.  And it's not an accident.  Sadhguru has said recently that even those people who are not aware of meditation may turn spiritual in the coming months.  According to another source, the whole Solar System is continuously moving towards higher energy field in the Galaxy, which is suppose to be causing the whole evolution progress becoming faster than ever before. Mark Zuckerberg is just a living example that shows this is coming true.

If this urge comes in to ones life, yoga  studios won't do the job. Then where to seek the necessary support and guidance?
Osho is gone, Maharishi Mahesh is also gone. We still have Sadhguru. It's time to truly explore on the big scale who this man is, and what he has to offer to the world. Sadhguru says: "The very process of yoga and meditation is to take you to such an overwhelming experience within yourself that tears of ecstasy will flow out of you."