January 14, 2012

[Saturday Video] Lawrence Krauss: Life, the Universe and Nothing

Welcome back!
This one hour long lecture from Dr. Lawrence Krauss is simply a must-watch. Absolutely worth spending the time, especially if like to learn more about latest universe research results.
Lawrence Krauss is highly intelligent person with a great sense of humor, which you'll see in the video. The moments I enjoy the most are when he goes on explaining all those super-complex problems of astrophysics, writing numbers and greek letters all over the chalkboard, and when he's done explaining, he  turns to the audience and says: "But we still don't know". Obviously all those years of research, study and calculations only brought them to "not-knowing". Genuine "not-knowing". Truth can only be experienced, it cannot be calculated or logically grasped. It cannot be put in to words. This I consider as a turning point  That's when one is becoming meditative and starts looking inward.

Enjoy the show!!!

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