January 26, 2012

Silence: "To speak or not to speak"

Silence is the way

Silence is one of the easiest and quickest ways to deepen your mediation. Many yogis and masters of the passed have chosen to become silent for long periods. In today's society, language is seen as one of the pillars of the human intellect. It plays a role in analyzing the world, in reasoning, solving problems, and planning actions. It allows us to convey memories of the past and beliefs about the future, to engage others about events that have not taken place, and to express the relations between events.

As soon as I moved to the US, I was facing one big limitation: language. The ability to express one's self through speech is of most significance. Just off the record, I'd say that the more superficial the society, the more importance is put up on the language. As a child and a teenager, the problem of expressing what was on my mind wasn't there. This changed as soon as I started to speak English. It felt like, after a brain stroke or something you know; you're back and conscious trying to learn how to walk again, but you can't believe these are actually your legs; they simply won't take the instruction. Similarly with the speech, you want to say something, but it just doesn't "click" at the right time. That was my experience, which I am sure I share with some of you. It is because of this trans-lingual experience I've started looking closer at languages.

Any language (approx. 3000-6000 across the world),  is a series of sounds with meaning attached to it (except a few). I did some research trying to find out how much of the brain's capacity is actually used by language, but I couldn't find this information. It is a good portion, that's for sure. Just experiment with it. Try for a few days not to speak, you'll see, your mind's activity will drop at least by 50%. That's why silence is always part of any spiritual process. It's simple, stop talking, mind will reduce it's activity, and there it comes: peace of mind!

It can be great challenge for some, for other it will happen naturally. What about you? I am definitely the second category, I did not have any problem going through  my 10 days silence program in 2010.
A fantastic experience as a matter of a fact! All my senses were greatly enhanced. I was bright and shiny inside out. My experience of the external situations was like switching from black and white screen to full HD! First word I uttered after these 10 days was but incredible experience hard to put in words, but it was very intense yet delicate situation.
Sadhguru also mentioned that if person does't speak for as long as 1008 days continuously, he will simply lose the ability to speak for good! So don't go over the board with it!  :)

Silence is the way!

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