February 23, 2012

Nassim Haramein: Science inclined to spirituality

The "Flower of Life" 
Welcome back! There has been a lot happening in the science world this week, so much that I couldn't decide what to write about first. Finally I picked a video lecture from one of the greatest scientist of today. Nassim Haramein was speaking at the Camelot Project conference in 2011 (more about Project Camelot comming up)
Nassim Haramein, the energy and passion with which he speaks about physics brings remarkable quality to his talks. There are many scientists in the world, but Nassim is the kind you won't get to hear everyday. You'll be extra pleased with this video if you enjoy eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation, . Nassim Haramein provides solid scientific data reinforcing what yogis, mystics and sages have been telling us for thousands of years! Both Nassim Haramein and Lawrence Krauss are pioneers in their field, and they deserve much attention and recognition. You are about to discover the significance of their work. Enjoy!


  1. Check this brilliant video by Prof.Brian Cox !!! He explains how everything is connected in the universe. Blew my mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f9wcSLs8ZQ

    1. Dear Ravi,
      Thank you for your recommendation and also for visiting the blog. I will watch it as soon as I get the chance, I just watched a few minutes, he's an interesting figure.