February 9, 2012

Pop star Smita offers her new album to Sadhguru

Pop-star singer Smitha

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This is some truly pleasant news. India's pop star singer Smita composed her new album as a offering to Sadhguru.
I am not sure whether or not she have done any of the programs Isha Foundation offers, but it would make sense that she did. This is clear proof that spirituality is available to everyone at anytime, all it takes is a open hearth.

The popular singer has been working on a modish and contemplative album.  But, why the titled Ishana?  The name is derived from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Foundation, to whom the album is an offering.
She has tweeted saying, "Countdown begins for the launch of my spiritual fusion album ISHANA, a pathway to the divine... More details will follow."

"My spiritual approach all of a sudden from pop albums has taken many by surprise. I feel that spirituality is not for senior citizens alone, it is equally important for youngsters to achieve success in life", she was quoted as saying by a national newspaper.
 Sadhguru will be releasing the album in Coimbatore on Mahasivaratri (Feb. 20).  A commercial release is planned to be organised in Hyderabad on a later day.

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