March 8, 2012

John Friend Scandal-Not really!

I know I know, you must have heard a million times about John Friend's scam, and you are tired of it. I understand because in passed month just about every yoga blogger, every green body mind site, every meditation oriented page have shared this news. It's old. I know.
Don't worry! I am not going to stir that any further. Those of you not familiar with the case, you can read the whole story if you're interested, or if a short version is enough for you: John Friend is the founder of Anusara (no longer part of it), one of the world’s fastest-growing yoga styles. Last month he became even more famous after accusations of sexual impropriety with his female students.

I never bothered to share my own thoughts on John "Boyfriend's" sexual scam, simply because what have happened doesn't surprise me at all, and we will continue to see it in the future. In India for instance, the same happens almost every year or two. But what's wrong with that I am asking? He enjoyed his romance as much as the ladies did, two or more adult people you know, doesn't seem wrong to me! ( Nothing compare to abuses happening on children in catholic churches! ). So let's not blame John Friend ok?! We must see that it was us, blind and stupid, letting somebody fool us for so long! How many more so called "spiritual leaders are out there I wonder.

Genuine seeker should remember one thing: there are no gurus to choose from ok?! It's not like you open  the yellow pages to look for one! The truth is if you happen to come across a real guru even once in your life, you are a very fortunate being! Don't thing that this good, friendly guy you are visiting twice a week is your guru! He may be your friend, maybe your teacher, but not your guru!

So who is your guru then? and how will you recognize him?
It's simple. Real guru will give you an experience. He will crank your energy and have you "see" in such a way, that you won't believe it's actually you sitting there! A real guru will not only have mastery over his life energy, but over yours also. If it so happens that sudden rush of energy comes in to your body, this is a clear indication that the man sitting in front of you is your guru. The experience will be distinct, you can't miss it! When you meet such a being, when you come across to such a possibility, you will not only rely on him; you will be willing to give your life to him, if you're intelligent enough.