April 26, 2012

Video: The Dangers of Improper Yoga

There is a lot of yoga studios around the country these days. Yoga teachers are popping out in hundreds. How do we know which yoga practice is safe for us? And I mean not only for the body!
As we spoke about in the "Yoga: A dimension beyond the physical" last week, yoga goes beyond the physical.

April 19, 2012

Yoga: A Dimension Beyond the Physical

Beyond the physical
Today, for most people, the word “Yoga” usually conjures up images of twisting the body into impossible postures. The physical aspect of Yoga is only one facet of this multi-dimensional science. Yoga is a technology to bring the body and mind to the peak of their capabilities – allowing one to live life to the fullest.

April 14, 2012

Saturday Video: Meditation and chanting a brain exercise?

Yogi, mystic and realized master Sadhguru is talking about creating certain pleasantness in all the dimensions of who you are - your body, your mind and your emotions.

April 12, 2012

New book release: "The Emerging Human Soul"

The Emerging Human Soul

My friend's mom has recently published a book called "The Emerging Human Soul". Diane Dericks is a energetic, kind and loving women. Some of the experiences she describes in the book are quite amazing, and show that she has been really touched by some higher energy. Her personality radiates through the writing and I felt like I was sitting there listening to her telling the story. She talks about how yoga and mediation have enhanced her experience of life, about her son's spiritual journey at the yoga ashram, and many other fascinating hings. Here is an excerpt from the book, I highly recommend it.

Diane Dericks, the Author
"I was once a typical suburban housewife living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had a great husband, two wonderful sons, both of whom went to private schools and Vanderbilt University, a beautiful 6000 
square foot home and an affluent life style. 

But this comfortable existence was not in God’s plan for me. Is it in His plan for anyone? His calling swept me away from this materialistic ego-driven existence into an uplifting spiritual realm I had never explored before. The change in my consciousness was monumental. I woke up out of a complacent stupor to seek a higher purpose in life. I know now this is God’s plan for all mankind. The catch here is whether or not we listen, absorb and respond to the many wonders He so graciously places before us.

This book is the story of my journey from the American dream of materialistic desires into a spiritual existence of inner harmony and peace. Mine is a story of the challenges that lead to personal growth and the blossoming of a human soul. "

For more information visit: www.theemerginghumansoul.com

April 7, 2012

Saturday video: Bhava Spandana Program experience

Dear all, in August of 2007, I have taken this 3 days long program called BSP or Bhava Spandana Program. My life will never be the same thanks to what I have "seen", the experience of my Bhava Spandana Program is not something I can put in to words. All that I can say is that the states during different meditations I have experienced were the most real moments of my life, so expensive, so overwhelming. Never thought this could be possible.
I wish to share with you a short introductory video to this program that came out recently. It is not something to believe, nor it is something to disbelieve, both you will see are irrelevant if you ever let this touch you.

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April 5, 2012

Isn't it wonderful it's all in our hands?

In the yogic system, it is said that of all the life upon this planet, the human being is not only the most dominant, but that life cannot evolve beyond this in terms of body and in terms of brain anymore. He can only learn how to use it better for which yoga practices and meditation are the best tools, but he cannot evolve. Yogis arrived at this by looking at the life circles of various creatures from worms, insects, birds, animals to plants. They found that the human cycle is perfectly in tune with he cycles that happen in the solar system, because life upon this planet is just a manifestation of the energies which work upon this solar system.
We may not be conscious if this, but our life is very directly connected with the sun and the relationship between the planet and the sun. Every twelve-and-a-quarter, to twelve-and-a-half years one solar cycle is completed. Those of you conscious enough, you will notice that every twelve-and-a-half years, every human being's life goes through a certain cycle. Many changes will happen in the physiology, in the mind-set, and in the life situation of every one of us. It is just that twelve-and-a-half years is a little too much for people to keep track of. Because of that, most of don't notice it.
The moon and it's cycles is something that's much easier for us to notice. We certainly know that if our mothers and their bodies were not properly tuned to the cycles of the moon, we wouldn't be born.
So in terms of the solar and the lunar cycles, the human body us perfectly matched. Life cannot go beyond this - this is the yogic perception. We can only see how to use it better; we cannot make anything more. Today it is uncanny that neuroscientists are saying the same thing that human intelligence cannot be enhanced any more, it can only be reorganized better or to put to better use, because physics of it does not work beyond what it is right now. Neuroscientists are saying there is no way a human being can get any more intelligent that the way he is right now; he can only get to use the brain better. This is something that has been know in the yogic tradition for thousands of years. Right now, life in this solar system has reached it's peak. It is for us to put it to better use than the way it is. Once we have come as a human, only one end of life is fixed, the other end is wide open.
Human Evolution
For every other creature on this planet, both the ends are fixed. This is the human problem, that human beings are not suffering their bondage; we are suffering our freedom. If both ends were open that means we are free but unprotected. But one end closed and the other open means we are protected, but we are free.
It is more than fantastic that people who are studying the microbiology of a human being are saying, "Human cells are unique". They know that the human cell is different from every other cell found on this planet. The very way it is structured; one end is open! No other cells on the planet are created like this. What it means is nature has done everything that it can do with us. The rest that needs to be done with this is just you and you alone. It is just you. And isn't it wonderful it is all in your hands?

Written by Sadhguru

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