April 12, 2012

New book release: "The Emerging Human Soul"

The Emerging Human Soul

My friend's mom has recently published a book called "The Emerging Human Soul". Diane Dericks is a energetic, kind and loving women. Some of the experiences she describes in the book are quite amazing, and show that she has been really touched by some higher energy. Her personality radiates through the writing and I felt like I was sitting there listening to her telling the story. She talks about how yoga and mediation have enhanced her experience of life, about her son's spiritual journey at the yoga ashram, and many other fascinating hings. Here is an excerpt from the book, I highly recommend it.

Diane Dericks, the Author
"I was once a typical suburban housewife living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had a great husband, two wonderful sons, both of whom went to private schools and Vanderbilt University, a beautiful 6000 
square foot home and an affluent life style. 

But this comfortable existence was not in God’s plan for me. Is it in His plan for anyone? His calling swept me away from this materialistic ego-driven existence into an uplifting spiritual realm I had never explored before. The change in my consciousness was monumental. I woke up out of a complacent stupor to seek a higher purpose in life. I know now this is God’s plan for all mankind. The catch here is whether or not we listen, absorb and respond to the many wonders He so graciously places before us.

This book is the story of my journey from the American dream of materialistic desires into a spiritual existence of inner harmony and peace. Mine is a story of the challenges that lead to personal growth and the blossoming of a human soul. "

For more information visit: www.theemerginghumansoul.com

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