May 31, 2012

Kedarnath Temple Reopened for Pilgrims

Kedarnath Temple
The Gates of reverent Himalayan shrine of Kedarnath, would be reopened for pilgrims after a gap of six months on April 28, 2012 at 7:15 AM, informed Anusuiya Prasad Bhatt, Chairman of Badrinath-Kedarnath temple committee.
The "mahurat" for reopening of Kedarnath temple was decided by the religious officials of the temple on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivrati yesterday.It's commonly believed that Char Dham Yatra begins with Kedarnath visit. About Kedarnath Temple:...

May 17, 2012

Sports and Spirituality

Sports and Spirituality 
Being a sport means you are willing to play. Willing to play means you are involved or alive to the situation in which you exist, and that is the essence of life. If there is anything that is truly close to a spiritual process, in the normal course of life, that is sports. Swami Vivekananda went to the extent of saying, "In kicking a ball or playing a game, you are much closer to the Divine than you will ever be in prayer." You can pray without involvement, but you cannot play sports without involvement, and involvement is the essence of life. But when people involve themselves in what they do, they often get entangled.

May 3, 2012

Pilgrimage to Kailash

FIRST STOP: NEPALNearly six hundred ardent seekers have come from all over the world to be on this pilgrimage to Kailash. For many, their limitations of comfort and convenience will soon be challenged. But for the last 12,000 years, maybe more, pilgrims have been making this journey without a single year’s break. They did not have the boots that we are wearing, the down jackets, tents and food supplies that we have today. They just went with a bag of flour and some fried gram. Many travelled barefoot from South India – people who had never been exposed to cold weather in their life.