July 25, 2012

The God Particle - A Sharp Discussion

Welcome back to Still is Chill. After busy last two weeks volunteering for the Isha Summer Program for Children I would like to share very interesting talk I greatly enjoyed. The top scientist and spiritual leaders in one room - commenting on the newest scientific discovery of the "God Particle" Vikram Chandra, Sadhguru, Dr. Pushp M Bhargava, Dominic Emmanuel,Prof. R. Rajaraman, Sw. Aatma Priyananda
Sadhguru's comments were of course hilarious, I wast cracking up at times :)

July 12, 2012

Urine Therapy: Bad joke or a miraculous remedy?

Have you ever heard about urine therapy? (also known as urotherapy, urinotherapy or uropathy). What it means is basically using one's own urine as a remedy - either by applying on the surface of your body or by drinking it. According to variety of studies and researches over the years, "drinking one's urine can greatly improve immune system, and is known to be used as an anti-cancer agent"

July 5, 2012

"I am" - The Movie

I AM is a 2011 documentary film written, narrated and directed by Tom Shadyac. The documentary explores Shadyac's personal journey after a 2007 bicycle accident, "the nature of humanity" and "world's ever-growing addiction to materialism." The film, shot with Shadyac and a team of four, contrasts sharply with Shadyac's previous comedic work.