July 25, 2012

The God Particle - A Sharp Discussion

Welcome back to Still is Chill. After busy last two weeks volunteering for the Isha Summer Program for Children I would like to share very interesting talk I greatly enjoyed. The top scientist and spiritual leaders in one room - commenting on the newest scientific discovery of the "God Particle" Vikram Chandra, Sadhguru, Dr. Pushp M Bhargava, Dominic Emmanuel,Prof. R. Rajaraman, Sw. Aatma Priyananda
Sadhguru's comments were of course hilarious, I wast cracking up at times :)


  1. ....so simple..the mind is the seat of the ego....and in attempting to prove....or disprove the existence....of God/Allah....is something to at least smile about.....in it's foolishness........

  2. Namaskaram Swami Prem,
    I agree with you! It's so foolish and childish...