August 9, 2012

Health benefits of yoga officially approved by the US Government (VIDEO)

Welcome back dear reader. The above video comes from article from the
Several doctors and scientists documented a dramatic health improvements on participants after only a few weeks of practice. It shows yoga in a great light.

At the same time I must mention that coming up with it only now seems funny to me, because it's benefits are know to millions of people for very, very long time. In the "True Origin of Yoga and The First Yogi", where Sadhguru speaks about the very first yoga class being taught somewhere between 30 - 35 thousand years a go!! But I guess it's better to realize something late than not realizing it at all, I am sure you agree with me on that.
Although it took a while for the officials to take yoga seriously, the impact which it will have on the future generations will be tremendous. It is definitely a big step towards having more healthier and happier population on the planet.

Which do you thing are the biggest benefits of having yoga to be officially approved by the US Government?? 


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  2. The contemporary world is full of people who often rarely would engage in conducting mind relaxing exercise. People are always in a rush to make ends meet, beat deadlines at work and study for exams, upbring a family or are undergoing various forms spiritual, emotional, psychological or even financial challenges.

  3. I agree with you yoga is of great help to resolve any kind of health problems permanently with no need of operating it. Great video thanks for sharing it.