August 23, 2012

Naked in Ashes - The Documentary

Welcome back!
Naked in Ashes - A great documentary showing the life of Himalayan Yogis the way it is today. Often seen as living in harsh ways, these beings are true treasures for our humanity. Naked in freezing temperatures, covered in ashes, sometimes without food for days ... If our society's standards were true, they should be miserable, but the truth is that they are the happiest people on the planet - loving, gentle, kind with a big smile over their shiny faces - not out of their weakness, they can be very powerful! When somebody is very powerful and still remains loving, kind and compassionate - that person is a true  "treasure for humanity"

Besides being a great inspiration, this movie also helped me to better understand how
fortunate I am walking my spiritual path with Sadhguru, who makes it so easy for us.
Link below will take you to another website, where the documentary is available.
May this be an inspiring video for you!

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Watch the full movie here