October 27, 2012

Study: Yoga beneficial for Kids with Autism

Children's Yoga Asana

Welcome back! Slowly but surely, yoga is being recognized as the ultimate health and healing tool, bringing this ultimate machine - our body - to it's best. Chronic ailments such as allergies, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol etc., will just vanish after certain period of practicing proper yoga asanas. Everyday I hear stories from different directions about how somebody got rid of back pain, allergies, stress etc. READ MORE>>

October 18, 2012

AUM Chanting for the thirsty

How much water to drink?

A new study from the Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, found an increased awareness of the body’s hydration levels in athletes practicing Isha’s AUMkar meditation. Conducted during a two-month period in 2011, the work is a part of ongoing research in clinical and sports nutrition by Dr.Priti Rishi Lal and will be presented at the International Conference on Food Studies to be held in October, in Illinois, USA.

October 12, 2012

Thrive - The Documentary

Welcome back dear friend! There isn't much to say about this "piece", accept that Thrive is a highly concentrated package of information which is not to be believed, but not to be disbelieve either - just like with everything else that's beyond our current understanding! Exciting topics such as electro-magnetic fields of the universe, free-energy producing generators, sacred geometry, UFO, crop circle phenomenon, world's politics and more!

October 4, 2012

Gautama the Buddha

Buddha Painting Courtesy: Isha Gupta

Buddha, Buddhism - when you hear these words, you will most likely picture bolt headed monk in a yellow robe, sitting under a tree, tirelessly counting beads and chanting a mantra. Buddhism is 2500 years old religion started by a prince, whom after seeing the true face of life, renounced everything and went in to heart breaking search of truth. Continuing below you will find Sadhguru talking about the difference between him and Gautama the Buddha.