October 4, 2012

Gautama the Buddha

Buddha Painting Courtesy: Isha Gupta

Buddha, Buddhism - when you hear these words, you will most likely picture bolt headed monk in a yellow robe, sitting under a tree, tirelessly counting beads and chanting a mantra. Buddhism is 2500 years old religion started by a prince, whom after seeing the true face of life, renounced everything and went in to heart breaking search of truth. Continuing below you will find Sadhguru talking about the difference between him and Gautama the Buddha.

Q: What is the difference between Sadhguru and Buddha?. When he meets an enlightened person, is he instantly aware of it? Is he aware of things happening on the other side of the planet? Is he psychic? - Mark Carter

Sadhguru: The most significant difference is Buddha is dead and I’m alive! Jokes apart, the most significant difference is that Buddha’s way was only for the monks. That is why he kept it so dry and uni-dimensional. My way is for every one. There are monks, married people, and single people young and old: all kinds.

As for being psychic or knowing when I meet an enlightened being, I do know everything that goes around me when I’m in a certain state. When you use the word” Yoga” it means union but one cannot live in that union all the time. One knows it and has access to that possibility again and again. So when I’m in that state I’m aware of everything, but that state is not sustainable. You cannot contain that in the human body for long. Its like a spell. And also I don’t want to burden myself with that kind of awareness all the time.

Psychic is a very poor way to be really. All you do is try desperately to read someone’s mind. What is the point? Its better to be in a position where you are reasonably aware of what is happening around you by simply being sensitive to life. If you close your eyes and someone walks into your house, you will sense their presence if you make yourself aware of your surroundings.

People have become so wrapped up in all the psychological activities in their mind that they have missed out on all possibilities like these.

Every human being is capable of knowing so many things on his own, but allows these perceptive abilities to be lost in that noise.
-EXCERPT FROM: Q and A with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - In Conversation with Kavita Chhibber

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  1. Truly, man can realize many of his possibilities, if he is not stuck in the mind.

  2. Dear Fidarose,
    First let me thank you for taking the time and commenting! You're right, being stuck in our mental processes is greatly limiting us. If only more people would invest time in simply having their eyes closed, even for a 10 minutes a day, that would make a huge difference...