October 12, 2012

Thrive - The Documentary

Welcome back dear friend! There isn't much to say about this "piece", accept that Thrive is a highly concentrated package of information which is not to be believed, but not to be disbelieve either - just like with everything else that's beyond our current understanding! Exciting topics such as electro-magnetic fields of the universe, free-energy producing generators, sacred geometry, UFO, crop circle phenomenon, world's politics and more!

Don't try to find a conspiracy behind it, instead apply it and see whether it makes sense. If you find it controversial, it is most likely because you're not listening to the right kind of news - which is great because that means this video post will be useful for you!

I usually don't dive in to the politics, after all it is a blog about the "inner" aspect of our life, yet I feel like everyone should know about the possibility that the whole world is being exploited on behalf of the 1%. On the other hand, I don't agree with the way some of the politicians are being described. I believe that our current president, Barack Obama, is a man with his hearth in the right place, and that he sincerely cares about the people, not just about the profits. Please take the time to comment after watching, I'd like to know what you think.

Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O'Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, John Perkins, Aqeela Sherrills, Evon Peter, Angel Kyodo Williams, Elisabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.


  1. I can't wait to see this! I've been a fan of what I call zero point energy for years. I agree it will be a life saver for our Earth and its people if we just start using it!
    What's amazing about it too is that this torus energy is just another name for prana, chi or "life force energy." It exists in unlimited qualities in the air, in our bodies, and in space! And it is literally divine energy. A powerful topic...

    1. Dear Amanda,
      Thank you for your insights! Apparently you know much about these things. I agree when you say that it may one day be a life saver for the people and the earth. Indeed a powerful topic/video document. The producers have done a excellent job.