November 30, 2012

Aligning the human system with the cosmic geometry

In this short video, yogi speaks about the significance of the number 108, out of which the number 84 asanas comes from. Once again, now a days there is so much talk going on about chakras, auras, yogas, yogis..
We all have to make living somehow, but will you go to a truck driver asking about quantum physics?

November 24, 2012

iPhone, iPod, iPad.... iMeditate

How do mystics and yogis see today's modern technology? That's a good question, especially because most of us think that yogi means naked sadhu covered in ashes, sitting somewhere in the mountains. In this video, one of the yogis explains the meaning of what I see as a high technology. Is this so called modern technology supporting our intellect, making us see through better, or are we becoming more and more dull and lazy? One way or the other,  iPods, iPhones, iPads are the things we know very well, but where is the "I"?
How much do we truly know about our selves? Take a moment.. close your eyes..  look deeper and see - a miracle is happening right here! READ MORE>>

November 16, 2012

Egypt as you don't know it

What is the mystery beyond Luxor's Hu-Man temple? Learn more about exciting and revolutionary facts never revealed to the public and why is the truth about this "Library of Wisdom" being kept secret.
Many elements present in this documentary, are matching exactly what we hear from mystics, yogis and sages of the eastern tradition. READ MORE>>

November 9, 2012

The Tree The Moon The Man

Buddha in a full lotus posture 

Celebrated Buddha Pournami, "that momentous full moon night when Gautama blossomed in to Buddha" as Sadhguru put it, on May 17, with sacred Buddhist chants and offernigs at the Dhyanalinga Temple ,as well as  evening and midnight meditation. Buddha Pournami is the full moon day that marks the birth, enlightenment (nirvana) and ultimate liberation (parinirvana or mahasamadhi) of Gautama Buddha and also serves as a reminder to us all that we carry the same potential within us. The planetary positions on this day are considered to be very conducive for one's inner evolution. READ MORE>>