November 30, 2012

Aligning the human system with the cosmic geometry

In this short video, yogi speaks about the significance of the number 108, out of which the number 84 asanas comes from. Once again, now a days there is so much talk going on about chakras, auras, yogas, yogis..
We all have to make living somehow, but will you go to a truck driver asking about quantum physics?
Unless it comes from someone who knows these dimensions experientially, on a long run, it won't make any difference for you. Within few weeks any information gets overhauled by another set of information.
The "beyond" the physical has to be transmitted in a different way. That's when guru comes in to play. Right throughout they ages, master's only work was to mix the right "cocktail of sadhana" according to the individual sitting in the front him, and this is the value of a true master.

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