November 24, 2012

iPhone, iPod, iPad.... iMeditate

How do mystics and yogis see today's modern technology? That's a good question, especially because most of us think that yogi means naked sadhu covered in ashes, sitting somewhere in the mountains. In this video, one of the yogis explains the meaning of what I see as a high technology. Is this so called modern technology supporting our intellect, making us see through better, or are we becoming more and more dull and lazy? One way or the other,  iPods, iPhones, iPads are the things we know very well, but where is the "I"?
How much do we truly know about our selves? Take a moment.. close your eyes..  look deeper and see - a miracle is happening right here! READ MORE>>

"These days almost everybody have one or more of the Apple gadgets. Weather it is iPhone, iPod, iPad... and everyone is amazed how incredibly advanced technology it is.
Yes, it is cool new toy, but do you ever truly look at what a gadget human body is, your own body and the fact that you are alive? What keeps the hearth beating? Blood to flow? Human body is the ultimate gadget going waste, unless we at least make an attempt to recognize what it is." -Sadhguru

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