November 9, 2012

The Tree The Moon The Man

Buddha in a full lotus posture 

Celebrated Buddha Pournami, "that momentous full moon night when Gautama blossomed in to Buddha" as Sadhguru put it, on May 17, with sacred Buddhist chants and offernigs at the Dhyanalinga Temple ,as well as  evening and midnight meditation. Buddha Pournami is the full moon day that marks the birth, enlightenment (nirvana) and ultimate liberation (parinirvana or mahasamadhi) of Gautama Buddha and also serves as a reminder to us all that we carry the same potential within us. The planetary positions on this day are considered to be very conducive for one's inner evolution. READ MORE>>

The Tree The Moon The Man

A prince wrapped in the folds
of regal pleasures and platitudes

Stung by the pain of ignorance
leaves all that a lesser man would cherish

The power of prince hood, comfort of palace
warmth of a loving wise and joys of an infant son

The scourge of ignorance sears his mind
that he chooses to beg than be a Baron

The barrenness of not knowing could not be denied
to the one who was burning longing

The coolness of the full moon
An appropriate setting for the flowering

That cooled and quenched...
'O the blossoming of Knowing

                                                  Love & Blessings

Article and poem are excerpt from the Forest Flower Magazine - Silence is the way

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