December 8, 2012

Amazing Goldie Hawn: Daily meditation settles my mind, body

Goldie Hawn Daily Meditation

Goldie Hawn might be one of the most youthful 67-year-olds on the planet! Her personality is bubbly, her body is rockin' and her head-to-toe style rivals most women half her age. So, what's her secret? A good diet and solid exercise routine are part of her age-defying plan, she reveals to Prevention magazine. "I do try to do some form of exercise 4 days a week. At home in California, I'll bike up the mountain. Or I'll do Pilates or Spin. And I do eat a lot of greens. I eat healthy, but I'm not a vegetarian."

Goldie, who opens up in the 2012 Winter issue of Prevention, reveals the biggest key to her youthful vibe is a healthy inner life. "It's not the idea of a particular religion that's important; it's the development of a spiritual life. Because spirituality creates well-being, health, and happiness."

A daily meditation practice helps Goldie settle her mind and be more peaceful with life. "You'll see the benefits of meditation aren't just in your head. They're as physiological as the benefits of exercise on your muscles." The actress has been practicing meditation since the 70s, and for the last 10 years has put her acting on the back burner to help bring meditation into the classroom. She started up with MindUp program, which teaches kids how to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness. "I just had such a need to concentrate on this one thing, on the foundation and on helping kids become better able to focus and organize their brains, to help them toward happiness."

Goldie recommends everyone no matter their age should meditate and it doesn't have to be intimidating. Research shows that meditating for 3 minutes 5 times a day is as beneficial as doing it in a single 20-minute block. "Think of meditation not as something woo-woo but as an everyday task, like brushing your teeth. It's all about habituation," Goldie reveals to Prevention.

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