March 21, 2013

Even if you have to give up a meal, do it... but do not give up meditation.

Happy buddha

Even if you have to give up a meal, do it... but do not give up meditation. The more regular you are, the greater depth you will attain. And meditation is such a delicate thing that it takes months to grow but just a day or two to wither away. A delicate thing needs much regularity, continuity. MEDITATION IS THE HIGHEST; EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY. You will not miss much by missing a day's sleep. One can do without sleeping for five to seven days. It is okay if you miss a meal; man can survive without food for three months. You can go without drinking water for a day; you will not die.

March 15, 2013

A lawsuit against yoga practices at school in California

Children Namaste

A civil lawsuit was filed Feb. 15 against the Encinitas Union School District in San Diego County alleging that the district, by providing instruction in Ashtanga yoga, is thereby “promoting religious beliefs.”
The action was filed by The National Center for Law & Policy, an Escondido, Calif.-based nonprofit “legal defense organization” focusing on “protection and promotion of religious freedom, the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, parental rights and other civil liberties.”

NCLP attorney Dean R. Broyles filed the lawsuit on behalf of plaintiffs Stephen and Jennifer Sedlock, parents whose children attend schools in the district.“EUSD’s Ashtanga yoga program represents a serious breach of the public trust,” Broyles said in a press release.“The program is extremely divisive and has unfortunately led to the harassment, discrimination, bullying and segregation of children who, for good reasons, opt out of the program,” he added.

March 7, 2013

Congressman Tim Ryan: Meditation is the silent revolution

Politics equals stress, corruption, arrogance, a lack of interest in common people, and I am sure each one of you will add something of your own. Unfortunately many of these things are true, and still happening  in the top politics across the globe. Once again the question rises "are all the politicians corrupted?"
After all that we've seen on the political grounds, there seem to be a hope.