March 7, 2013

Congressman Tim Ryan: Meditation is the silent revolution

Politics equals stress, corruption, arrogance, a lack of interest in common people, and I am sure each one of you will add something of your own. Unfortunately many of these things are true, and still happening  in the top politics across the globe. Once again the question rises "are all the politicians corrupted?"
After all that we've seen on the political grounds, there seem to be a hope.

Meditating Congressman Tim Ryan
As a public figure, congressman Tim Ryan Ohio(D), is setting up a great example (VIDEO).
Just imagine if even 30% of all the politicians in the US were closing their eyes for their daily meditation... what an impact would it have!? I hope this will become a trend at the Capital Hill, and many more of Mr. Ryan's colleagues will join him in this silent revolution of self realization.

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  1. Hey,Thank you Congressman Ryan for your courage and dedication to the health and well-being of our great nation. You are so right. I have see the changes you describe in my work on the CARE for Teachers program. Calmer, happier teachers = calmer, happier students = learning!Thanks you so much!!!
    sant kirpal singh ji