April 18, 2013

An offering to mother earth

Earth Day 2013
On April 22nd 2013 for Earth Day, we invite you to take the opportunity to get your hands muddy planting a tree, creating a herb garden or planting colorful flowering plants around the Isha institute of Inner Sciences.

Trees are our closest relatives. What they exhale, we inhale; what we exhale, they inhale and keep our lives going.” – Sadhguru

Expelled from: www.ishausa.org

April 10, 2013

Video: Conception to Birth

This video is simply amazing. Being alive - the greatest phenomena in the cosmos.

April 1, 2013

When I first experienced a deep state of meditation

Meditation painting 

Dear all,
I've received the following email from 21 year old ecology student who has recently learned the Isha Kriya meditation. This is just another great example of what can meditation do to an open and willing person - the the only two conditions you need to begin. The story truly moved me and it once again helped me recognize what is being offered here in the form of Isha Yoga.