April 1, 2013

When I first experienced a deep state of meditation

Meditation painting 

Dear all,
I've received the following email from 21 year old ecology student who has recently learned the Isha Kriya meditation. This is just another great example of what can meditation do to an open and willing person - the the only two conditions you need to begin. The story truly moved me and it once again helped me recognize what is being offered here in the form of Isha Yoga.
My life before yoga was so different from the way I live now, that I honestly find it difficult to remember. I was truly my own worst enemy. I was insecure and I made sure I suffered for it. I would look at myself in the mirror and pick at every flaw. I would recall my childhood and wonder how it could have all gone so wrong. I would think, why wasn't I as social as my sister? Why wasn't I as athletic as my brother? During my birthday parties I would steel away into the bathroom to cry. In short, I was a mess. I was depressed and angry with myself almost constantly.
Then one day, almost by accident, I found out about Isha Yoga. There was a student organization in my university that practiced it, and I decided to go to their first meeting without knowing much about it. From the moment Saloney, the founder of the club, began to speak, I was in awe. She told the group of students how our minds and bodies could work for us instead of against us, and how peace, not conflict was the natural state we were supposed to be in. She spoke about building a chemistry of bliss within us. Thinking back, many of these ideas seem obvious now, but it was the first time I had ever considered them. I felt a transformation in me even then.

We spent the first part of the meeting watching videos of the inventor of Isha Yoga, Sadhguru, a man that I would assume has to be old because of his chalk white beard and frosted eyebrows but throws me off because of his perfect wrinkle-free skin. The amount of wisdom this man was speaking was incredible. He spoke so plainly and so understandably, but what he was saying was so profound that I couldn't even believe he was a real person. I had always thought that people like this only existed in stories.

We then began our first meditation, Isha Kriya. Somewhere in the middle of it I felt something in me shift. It was a lightness. I don’t know how else to describe it. Saloney asked us if we wanted to share our thoughts on the process after we were finished but I couldn't have articulated what it felt like. I left the room with a friend of mine who had accompanied me in a dreamlike state.

I’d be lying if I said my life was perfect from then on, but it was also never the same again. I have not cried once out of depression since that very first meditation. I speak to strangers easier. I am more secure. But it’s more than that. Isha Yoga has put me on a path to discover something deeper about what it means to be alive. And to understand that I must already know what that is, because I am alive."

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