July 19, 2013

The last thing you will do in your life


You need to understand this: Everything that you can experience is life. What you call "death" is also life. So, are there choices about death? There are, definitely. What you are referring to as death is just the last moment of life as you know it for now; that final moment when you transcend the limitations of your physical body happens only once in this lifetime. Almost everything in your life may happen many times over. But this one thing happens only once in your lifetime and it is the last thing that you do. I want you to understand death as life, not something else. This is the last act of your life. Is it not very important that you choose to make it happen gracefully and wonderfully? If you are fearful of it, if you are ignorant of the ways of life and you create resistance towards it, naturally you will miss that possibility, and the very thought of it is torturous.