December 2, 2014

SoI New Single: Madhyamavathi

While words have their intellectual appeal, instrumental music can sometimes create an openness that language cannot. Among the many instrumental pieces Sounds of Isha has created to manifest different ambiences, Madhyamavathi is one of the more beautiful ones. The name reflects the raga on which the song is based.

We have also had the fortune of some part-time volunteers, who have contributed to our music. We could use this opportunity to say how Sounds of Isha is not just some small group of people in the ashram but consists of so many meditators all over India and the world, all contributing to the music and connected with the common bond of Sadhguru's Grace.

The flute melody for this piece was composed by one of our meditators. He wanted to offer it to sadhguru and as we worked with it to create a song, we had the fortune of roping in a few more contributors from amongst our volunteers. The result is what you hear.

We had no particular plan as to what ambience to manifest through this song. However, from our experience, we find that it can be soulful, meditative or relaxing–soothing and settling.

Let us know how you experience it!

To download the song, Pls visit :

October 4, 2014

What should a 20-year-old do in life?

At the threshold of our adult life, there are many things we can choose to do. The only question is how to make the right choice? How do I know I'm choosing the right course of my life? What are the checkpoints to consider? There isn't easy universal answer to this; we are all unique and because of that it takes each one of us to look at it individually.

August 31, 2014

Blacksmith's Scrap Pile

Do you sometimes wonder why to hell all the ups and downs in my life? Why is it that things cannot remain constant? It seem like there is a great benefit to going through a hard times in life.

"There is a beautiful story in the yogic lore. Once there was a blacksmith in a village, a very poor man. It looked like he acted like a magnet to all the problems in the world. They were visiting him too often. But he was a devout, very prayerful person. Once, a friend of his who did not believe in all this came and said, “What nonsense, you going on praying to your god. Look at your life! All the time you are in trouble.”
So the blacksmith said, “See, I know only this profession. Everything I have learned, I have learned by being a blacksmith. If I want to make a useful tool, I take a piece of steel, heat it, beat it, cool it, heat it, beat it… If a piece of steel cannot take the heating and beating and cooling, then I throw it on the scrap heap. Otherwise it becomes a useful tool. So my prayer is only this: “Dear god, heat me, beat me, cool me, do whatever– but don’t ever throw me on the scrap heap.”
The scrap heap is a comfortable place. Nobody beats you, nobody heats you, nobody does anything to you, but you are on the scrap heap. You should not be afraid of pain, you should not be afraid of hardship, you should not be afraid of death. “Don’t put me on the scrap heap.” That should be the only fear for a person on the spiritual path."  ~Sadhguru

August 7, 2014

Knowing of the 'Knowing' - A Spoken Word Story by Sadhguru

Holi: Festival of Colors in Awesome HD Video

Holi is an annual Spring festival celebrated across India on the day after the full moon in early March. On this day, or sometimes several days, people come together across social boundaries, putting aside their differences and expressing their joy by holding public bonfires and throwing brightly-colored powders, liquid colors, and perfumes onto friends and family. The event commemorates several events in Indian lore, as well as the arrival of spring and it’s bright colors.

July 3, 2014

Kedarnath: A Tremendous Space

Sadhguru: Kedarnath is a tremendous space. The utterance of the sound “Shiva” attains a completely new dimension and significance in Kedar. It is a space which has been specially prepared for this particular sound. When we utter the word “Shiva,” it is the freedom of the uncreated, the liberation of one who is not created. It is not right to say this, but it is almost like on this planet, the sound “Shiva” emanates from this place. For thousands of years, people have experienced that space as a reverberation of that sound.

June 7, 2014

Solar Roadways; The Future is Here

 This video is currently going viral and has been seen by over 8 million people. A crowd funding campaign is currently underway for “Solar Roadways” which would essentially turn all roads into ways solar panels, which would end our reliance on oil. I, for one, support this project. Wouldn't you? Watch the video below and if you want to participate in the campaign, then click here. Please SHARE with others!! It would be amazing to see something like this in our lifetime!


May 2, 2014

Inclusiveness: The Very Basis of Spirituality


SADHGURU: Spirituality is inclusiveness. The very basis of spirituality is inclusiveness, because exclusiveness comes because of physicality, because physicality means boundaries, boundaries means exclusiveness. Boundaries means you are on one side, I’m on the other side. Spirituality means going beyond the physical, going beyond the physical naturally means going beyond boundaries, going beyond boundaries is inclusiveness, isn’t it? Right now people are struggling to think inclusively.

April 18, 2014

Why CARE for Teachers Matters

A Unique Approach to Professional Development

Most teacher professional development focuses on curriculum delivery. CARE for Teachers is different because it promotes core skills and dispositions teachers need to create and maintain supportive learning environments while retaining their well-being and love of teaching.

April 4, 2014

Angamardhana - An Ancient Fitness System

Angamardhana is an ancient yogic process for absolute fitness. Angamardhana is unique when compared to other exercise regimes since it requires no equipment -- just a 6x6 foot space. It uses the momentum of the body to exercise every major muscle, and energizes the system in just 30 minutes. Taught exclusively as part of Isha Hata Yoga programs, Angamardhana is the ultimate workout.

April 3, 2014

This Dad's Letter to His Son About the Only Good Reason to Get MarriedWill Blow Your Mind

Dear Son,

It seems like yesterday you were blowing poop out of your diaper onto your mother's lap. Yet here we are, on the verge of the birds-and-the-bees conversation. The poop was way easier.Before we talk about sex, though, I want to talk about marriage. Not because I'll shun you or shame you if you don't put them in that order -- although I hope you will -- but because I believe the only good reason to get married will bring clarity to every other aspect of your life, including sex.

March 14, 2014

Science behind vibhuti, the sacred ash

Vibhuti Ash on Forehead
Sadhguru: There are many aspects to the usage of vibhuti or sacred ash. First of all, it is a great medium to transfer or transmit energy, and it has an ability to help direct and control the energy body. Apart from that, there is a symbolic significance to applying vibhuti on the body. It is a constant reminder of the mortal nature of life – it is like you are always wearing mortality on your body.

Normally, yogis use the ash that they pick up from the cremation grounds. If this ash cannot be used, the next alternative is to use cow dung. There are other substances used but the basic material, the body of it, is cow dung. If even this ash cannot be used, the next alternative is to make vibhuti of rice husk. This is indicative that the body is not the core substance, it is just the husk.

New Book Release: Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple

"Once your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes"  ~Sadhguru

RS: Let me ask you a question. How much time have you spent today thinking about either the past or the present? Obsessing over things you can't change or events you won't be able to control? If you're like most of us, probably too much.

Which is why right now I want to share a very simple tool with you that will allow you to both step out of the past for good and stay out of the future. A tool that will allow you live in this moment, which is the only place that you can truly find success and happiness. And that tool is meditation.

February 24, 2014

Mahashivarathri: A Rapturous Night With The Divine

Although so many millions practice yoga around the world, the origins of yoga are unknown to most. Where did the practice of yoga originate and with whom did this phenomenal science begin? In short, who was the first yogi? The yogic lore, known to the mystics and sages of India, speaks of this first yogi or Adiyogi, who first fathomed the technology of taking one’s life energies to the very peak and making the human system a ladder to the Divine. Today, we refer to this being as Shiva, but in yoga, Shiva is not seen as a God, but as the Adiyogi and the Adi Guru or First Guru, who offered the yogic technology to humanity.

Mistaking Attachment for Love


There is something called "love," and there is something called "attachment." What people call "love" is just a way of binding themselves to somebody, getting identified with somebody, but this is not love -- this is attachment. We always mistake attachment for love, but attachment has nothing to do with love. In fact, hate has something to do with love. Look at whom you hate. Do you hate the person who is just walking by on the street? No... you loved someone and one day the coin fell the other way and suddenly became hate. So, if the coin falls one way, it is love; if it turns around and falls the other way, it becomes hate.

February 7, 2014

Yogis Among The 2014 US Winter Olympic Team


Yoga is slowly making it's way to every layer of our society. The US Winter Olympic Team is not an exception! Check out yogis from the US Olympic Team whom will be representing our country in Sochi for the next 2 weeks kicking off February 6th. We wish the best of luck to the athletes!

February 6, 2014

Stuck in a traffic jam? Try these simple but effective exercises!

 Car exercise                                     Photo courtesy: BodyMindGreen
Imagine your self stuck in a traffic jam for 17 hours, roads closed  and an ice storm passing by. That's exactly how thousands of people in the Atlanta area must have felt during the recent ice storm that literally paralyzed not only the city, but a large part of the south. Here's how to turn tedious commutes, traffic jams and hours spent at your desk into exercise opportunities.

January 23, 2014

January 1, 2014

Joyful 2014!!!

If you allow the source of creation within you to find expression, joyful is the only way you can be.

The Egyptian legend says that if one wants to enter heaven, at the point of entry you will be asked two questions. Unless you are one big “Yes” to these two questions, there is no entry for you. The first question is: Have you known joy in your life? And the second question is: Have you given joy to those around you? If your answer to these two questions is “Yes,” I must tell you, you are already in heaven.

To become a joyful human being is the best thing that you can do for yourself and all around you. Especially when anger, hatred and intolerance are rearing their heads in hideous ways, joyful human beings are the only insurance. Only those who know the value of being pleasant will strive to create pleasantness all around.

May you know the fulfillment of making all you touch joyful.           ~SADHGURU