May 2, 2014

Inclusiveness: The Very Basis of Spirituality


SADHGURU: Spirituality is inclusiveness. The very basis of spirituality is inclusiveness, because exclusiveness comes because of physicality, because physicality means boundaries, boundaries means exclusiveness. Boundaries means you are on one side, I’m on the other side. Spirituality means going beyond the physical, going beyond the physical naturally means going beyond boundaries, going beyond boundaries is inclusiveness, isn’t it? Right now people are struggling to think inclusively.
That struggle is not needed if your experience of life becomes absolutely inclusive. That is the spiritual process. Is spirituality the only way forward or can non-spiritual people also have a dire of inclusive growth? There is no one who is non-spiritual. Either you can be consciously spiritual or non-consciously spiritual. Can you just be physical? There are other dimensions of who you are. Physical is what you have gathered over a period of time, is that so? Whatever you gathered can be yours but it cannot be you, isn’t it?

Right now you sit on this stone and say this is my stone. After some time, if you sit long enough, you say, “this is me”. That is madness, isn’t it? That is what is happening with your body and your mind. Whatever you collect, whatever you accumulate can be yours but it can never be you. If you get out of that foolishness, if you get out of that illusion, then you are spiritual. Whatever you are not conscious of does not exist for you, that is a problem with life, isn’t it? Right now behind you a huge elephant is standing. Don’t turn back and see! Such a big animal; you are not conscious of it so it does not exist for you, isn’t it? Life is like this, only what you are aware of exists for you, what you are not aware of does not exist for you. Spiritual process means that whatever this is [the whole you] you are aware of; that you do not want to leave this piece of life unexplored, that you want to know it through and through. That is the spiritual process.

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