February 1, 2015

A modern engineering miracle

Because of the world's growing population, it comes natural to reduce, reuse and recycle. For example the basic recycling process is very common in many US households - plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass etc. But some ideas grow much wilder - for instance the Janicki's Omniprocessor which will soon provide drinking water to thousands of people in need!
What exactly is Janicki's Omniprocessor? Here is what Bill Gates says about it:

"I watched the piles of feces go up the conveyer belt and drop into a large bin. They made their way through the machine, getting boiled and treated. A few minutes later I took a long taste of the end result: a glass of delicious drinking water." 

January 1, 2015

An insignificant thread

Albert Einstein

"One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries to comprehend only a little of this mystery every day." -Albert Einstein

"Life is a great tapestry. The individual is only an insignificant thread in an immense and miraculous pattern" -Albert Einstein

December 2, 2014

SoI New Single: Madhyamavathi

While words have their intellectual appeal, instrumental music can sometimes create an openness that language cannot. Among the many instrumental pieces Sounds of Isha has created to manifest different ambiences, Madhyamavathi is one of the more beautiful ones. The name reflects the raga on which the song is based. 

We have also had the fortune of some part-time volunteers, who have contributed to our music. We could use this opportunity to say how Sounds of Isha is not just some small group of people in the ashram but consists of so many meditators all over India and the world, all contributing to the music and connected with the common bond of Sadhguru's Grace. 

The flute melody for this piece was composed by one of our meditators. He wanted to offer it to sadhguru and as we worked with it to create a song, we had the fortune of roping in a few more contributors from amongst our volunteers. The result is what you hear. 

We had no particular plan as to what ambience to manifest through this song. However, from our experience, we find that it can be soulful, meditative or relaxing–soothing and settling. 

Let us know how you experience it!

To download the song, Pls visit : https://www.ishashoppe.com/downloads/...

October 4, 2014

What should a 20-year-old do in life?

At the threshold of our adult life, there are many things we can choose to do. The only question is how to make the right choice? How do I know I'm choosing the right course of my life? What are the checkpoints to consider? There isn't easy universal answer to this; we are all unique and because of that it takes each one of us to look at it individually.

Growing up I never knew what I will do in life, I barely spent any time thinking about it. I'm sure many of you were like that, simply living joyfully day by day. When I was about 15 or 16 my father and I got in to an argument, he got really mad seeing no concern about my future in me ( I was supposed to look anxious about it or something)  "What are you going to do in life?!" he shouted. I looked at the question sincerely, looked outside of our living room window for a moment and said to him something that only stirred more heat in him "I don't know, all I know is that I'm going to be happy in life" I said. Because such was my state at the moment - what else to seek? bliss is here!

This changed later in life as I got sucked in the ways of the society.. it wasn't anything short of a step backwards in the evolution - don't underestimate the power of the herd ;)
It took a lot of work to bring my self back to a point where simply just by siting I feel fulfilled, by simply walking I can experience deep sense of joy, looking at the sky can be such a profound experience, no need to pursue anything, once again "it's all here"
For many of us dropping the idea of erecting a goal somewhere in the future doesn't come easy. Majority usually end up running towards it believing that one day... one day I reach it and I'll be happy. This will NOT happen, nor did it ever truly happen for anyone in the passed.

 This 7 minutes short discourse by a humanitarian, yogi and mystic Sadhguru could make a world of a difference when it comes to deciding your future.

August 31, 2014

Blacksmith's Scrap Pile

Do you sometimes wonder why to hell all the ups and downs in my life? Why is it that things cannot remain constant? It seem like there is a great benefit to going through a hard times in life.

"There is a beautiful story in the yogic lore. Once there was a blacksmith in a village, a very poor man. It looked like he acted like a magnet to all the problems in the world. They were visiting him too often. But he was a devout, very prayerful person. Once, a friend of his who did not believe in all this came and said, “What nonsense, you going on praying to your god. Look at your life! All the time you are in trouble.”
So the blacksmith said, “See, I know only this profession. Everything I have learned, I have learned by being a blacksmith. If I want to make a useful tool, I take a piece of steel, heat it, beat it, cool it, heat it, beat it… If a piece of steel cannot take the heating and beating and cooling, then I throw it on the scrap heap. Otherwise it becomes a useful tool. So my prayer is only this: “Dear god, heat me, beat me, cool me, do whatever– but don’t ever throw me on the scrap heap.”
The scrap heap is a comfortable place. Nobody beats you, nobody heats you, nobody does anything to you, but you are on the scrap heap. You should not be afraid of pain, you should not be afraid of hardship, you should not be afraid of death. “Don’t put me on the scrap heap.” That should be the only fear for a person on the spiritual path."  ~Sadhguru