Welcome! My name is Denis, I'm originally from the Czech Republic, and I write this blog. 

Still is Chill is about yoga, meditation, mysticism and science. You may ask "why Yoga and Meditation"? Well, here is why. I was a happy, free and fearless child with a strong desire for adventure. Free in the sense, by the time I turned 21 I've tried many things including drugs, alcohol, party, pleasure, money, adrenalin. As far as the society is concerned, everything was going well, I had a job, friends, family, health, things in a good shape. Yet I felt empty, and I didn't know why! The "eat, sleep, reproduce" cycle was at it's full spin, and I hated it!

That period marks the
beginning of my searching for something "more". This searching brought me to eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation. As a matter of a fact, yoga and meditation has always been around meMy mom practiced yoga ever since I can remember. She is the greatest yogini and a true mother to the world. I am endlessly thankful for everything she has done for us. But of course as a teenager I'd only laugh at her all the time, not knowing that one day.....one day it will be her yoga and books which will change the course of my life.
"Life.Love.Laughter" written by Osho was one of her spiritual books. I had no idea who Osho was, but the book was fantastic. (Osho is a worldwide known mystic from the 70's and 80's) It was like being found after years alone on a desert island. Some "stranger" wrote in a details about what's happening in my life?! I mean c'mon! Not only that, he actually worded my life situation better then me. I was excited and ended up reading all that I could find from him. Mom and I had a prolonged conversation about how deeply this knowledge is touching our lives, and sure enough a few months later I am sitting in an Inner Engineering class with Sadhguru, a profound mystic of our times. A master very similar to Osho, although with a slightly different approach.

Ever since I started practicing the Inner Engineering, I could clearly see becoming calmer, much more able to relate to everything around me - animate or inanimate, more focused, more joyful and also physically I am in the best shape I've ever been thanks to the Isha Hata Yoga.
After seeing the benefits yoga and meditation brought to my life, seeing how unnecessary my suffering was, I naturally wanted to share about these powerful ancient technologies.
That's why Still is Chill blog. Hope you enjoy it!